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Tomorrow. If especially if you have children in the school district things get serious union leaders putting together some last minute preparations ahead of tomorrow's massive teacher strike in Los Angeles. First time in thirty years that UT LA United teachers of LA is striking against the unified school district this afternoon. Union leaders will address the public revealing details of tomorrow's events which include picketing at seven thirty tomorrow morning that could be in the rain, then it'll be a rally and a March that could be in the rain with things ending up in front of the LA USD's headquarters in downtown Los Angeles sports at all of the L A USD high will be suspended if that strike goes ahead tomorrow. Since most coaches are also teachers the district has decided to cancel games and to stop practices c I f city section Commissioner. John McGuire tells KNX if the strike is short. There won't be much impact on sports waving some rules to allow teams to play multiple games within a week. Currently it's restricted to two games two contests. So we can expand it three, and they can complete more of the games if necessary. Playoffs. Saw for winter sports set to start next month. And he says he hopes the whole thing will be resolved by them. So that student athletes won't have to miss them. The FBI correction pro corruption probe that is involving LA councilman Jose quasar. Well, it has expanded it now includes councilman Curren price at also a senior aide to council, president herb Wesson, along with nearly a dozen other city officials and business figures the LA times reports the FBI investigators are looking for evidence related to an array of potential crimes that include bribery, kickbacks, extortion, and money laundering. A former Pasadena city employees convicted of embezzling millions of dollars through a public works program gets a fourteen year sentence of in order to pay close to three point seven million dollars in his defendant. A contractor who got some of the stolen money has been sentenced to seven years in prison and ordered to pay nine hundred thousand dollars in restitution. Their sentencing hearing Pasadena mayor Terry urged the judge to exact a heavy penalty saying these men seriously damage the. The public's trust in city government that he did tremendous damage to the two thousand employees that work for the city who are honest and hardworking they tarnish their reputations. And I had phone calls from from people who had retired from the city who felt that their reputation had been damaged. They also damaged people's lives. People were fired. You know, they lost their jobs and other people resigned early says when people steal from the city, they're are actually stealing from the people. Claudia fescue KNX ten seventy NewsRadio. Folks, who were impacted by the Wolsey fire say they want to start rebuilding right away. But officials say it's still going to be a while before that can happen. Those who lost their homes in the devastating fire two months ago met with state and federal officials this weekend to find ways to speed up the rebuilding process. Step one is getting all the debris cleared from properties. Jeff Tony is with. Oh, yes. All the toxic ash, all the would all the concrete. It's a big process that can seem very overwhelming to people. He says people can either hire a contractor to do it or plywood. State which can help with the process. That's what one Wolsey fire victim did. But he says he's still waiting to make sure that on the list, and that they haven't dropped us off. And I want to know exactly what the process is going to be what the timelines he says he's getting ANC because his insurance only covers temporary housing for a certain length of time. And he wants to make sure his home is rebuilt before his coverage. Ends Cooper Rummell KNX ten seventy NewsRadio.

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