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Wow and you know you do you see it Even in our denial of visas for kids you know whether it's from south and Central America or around the world to come here to study things like engineering things that are so important. You know without immigration the US falls behind in technology as well. So it's it's every single level. The country is always better and stronger when people come here and contribute to it. Yeah, and it's interesting because you know for you I know you're first generation college educated in your family. I know for me you know my dad's emigrant I'm a first generation American. My my mother was born here, but her mother emigrated here. So you can sort of debate on my first or second depending on what side of the family but. My family came here you your family sent you to school here you became a dual citizen because we love this place and we want to contribute to it. And it's weird that. You know my family was allowed, but now families are not allowed. We have the resources we have the space where allocating improperly rape. and. And I think maybe we allocate improperly because we've lost. The human quotient. So it makes me really excited to see what you're doing and how you're reminding people and I'll say you know for the the bus trip that we went on back in August just to be. With the kids and to see their parents and check in with them, and even just to ask people how they're doing. When no one's asked in a while you know to make sure kid has a new pair of shoes and we can go and play soccer and we can visit the pop up school that this is about humanity has helped to build for them. That's something people don't consider as when these kids are in this. When they're when the migration of their families halted so their education. So how do we make sure? To keep some sort of structure to lessen the the trauma that they're going through. Totally Yeah Yes we can is the name of the of the school and. Yeah, what people don't realize is these families are also undocumented in Mexico. So it's not like they can just start school era either and so..

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