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Ninety three point one K. F. local news breaking news traffic and weather BG Sacramento KT eighty HD to Sacramento B. K. FM Pollock pines I'm Jim Ryan in New Orleans it's a hurricane now what had been tropical storm very now has top sustained winds of seventy five miles per hour qualifying it as a category one hurricane the first of the year what's more radar images show that it's moving on shore with an impending landfall near vermilion bay Louisiana but the winds that define a hurricane verses a tropical storm aren't really the problem says governor John bel Edwards we really have to be extremely prepared for a very major a rain event across much of Louisiana that means flooding of the sort that gives long time residents of this city nightmares of Katrina it's like the only need on they have a gift from the boat until you know its even before making landfall berry has prompted a high water rescues in terrible and perish a Coast Guard helicopter this morning lifted for people and a cat to safety I'm Jim Ryan ABC news in New Orleans now with more news here's Dave Packard federal prosecutors fighting against billionaire Jeffrey obscene being let out of jail they claim the financier has been paying off potential witnesses if convicted abstain could face up to forty five years in prison Serena Williams with a shocking defeated Wimbledon Serena came out and did her best only her best just wasn't good enough today Simona Halep took control early never let up Williams take she just played great surrounding is a surprise for anyone to play great against me I just was trying different things in today nothing really helped Serena had beaten the hell up in nine of their previous tenant counters at the all England club timers ABC news Wimbledon some immigrant communities are bracing for ice raids president trump has suggested that they are likely to plate take place tomorrow and he said they will be focused as much as possible in his words on rounding up criminals you're listening to you ABC news Sacramento's number one for breaking news traffic and weather and I heart radio station news ninety three point one KFBK I'm Cindy child without top stories congressman Armey there is speaking out against president trump's announcement that immigration rates will be happening around the country this weekend we as he had just really doesn't.