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502 security is being tighten and the perimeter around the U. S. Capitol is being hardened ahead of President elect Biden's inauguration. Hundreds of New Jersey National Guard members remain in D C, helping secure the event following last week's armed incursion into the Capitol building. Meanwhile, the FBI continues to investigate last week's violent riots and charge those captured on video participating since I call for tips. Videos and pictures. We have received more than 100,000 pieces of digital media. Another New Jersey officials but identified as attending the rally, but not necessarily the riot. 100 County commissioner director Susan Solloway. Condemned the violence, says she shared cellphone video she had taken with the FBI. Democrats in 100 are demanding she resigned. The FBI continues to investigate online post calling for armed protests in Trenton and other state capitals as well as the U. S. Capitol leading up to the inaugural of Biden. Meanwhile, pro gun groups in New Jersey are rejecting such calls. Dave Rosenthal of the Coalition of New Jersey Firearm Owners says his group has no idea who's calling for armed protests and it's a very bad idea. We are a group. That believes in law and order and the constitutional right of carrying firearms. But to do so on Lee legally Alexander Ruby, in of the Jersey Second Amendment Society, says he doubts the call for armed protests is even real is more falsehood and just negativity being portrayed by the left and Democrats demonized on owners. David Math found New Jersey one on 1.5 News. YouTube has suspended President Trump's channel for at least a week, they say. Had concerns about ongoing potentials for violence. Time of.

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