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Dot com slash of plants and that will get you going any time during the week all right temperance Michigan check in and couple times here on the phone calls let's go to the first one from temperance this is Jeff with a question about his washing machine good morning Jeff thanks for calling how may we help you Sir morning euro I've I've had a speed queen washers in the past one of them worked great I went and bought a new one we had moved in and needed to get a new washer machine I bought a new one a year ago my wife used it I've got little kids and babies and it didn't wash it the agitator however they redesigned and energy efficiency things have caught up to speed cleans and I couldn't I mean I took it back at about a dollar piece of junk yeah what do you recommend now or or is there something that they're doing different that's gonna come out you know what would you recommend for a washer now that those don't really washes well well for the last several years I've recommended nothing but speak wait so you are I'm going to say the first person in the last several years ever to say something negative about us be queen washing machine and you have the right to do that depending on your needs of washing and so forth I don't know what the problem was with your machine that's not something for me to testify to because I'm not there check it out or checking the way you do the washing machine that's not the put the blame on yeah that's just to say each person is different now I'm going to give you a phone number to call on Monday and a person to speak with in regards to your problem okay yeah you got a pencil there I do seven three four is the area code now I am the number is four seven five one two two one okay and you asked to speak with mark and when you get him on the phone make sure you Tellem I asked you to call him personally okay I want you to converse with him and then I want you to come back on the air with me next weekend if you can and explain to me what mark explain to you something something is not right here I mean that it's you know they're not god they do make mistakes and it happens like any product made today but it doesn't happen very often as a just reiterated their doesn't have that happen very often with the speed queen washing machine all right I've done a lot of research before I went and took it back because I thought I was doing it wrong and it used to be a pretty common problem that that the new design when when they had to get up to the times of energy efficiency that they do not clean as well as they used to well and my wife hated it I took it back well I in on I just want to take a second I watched a television camera crew watch Amy is speed queen washing machine in operation for like three hours and they put every stain available mustard ketchup everything crayon marks markers and so forth and if clean those very well hello you see what I'm saying you need to talk to somebody smarter than I am and I admit to that okay let me know what you find out I want to hear back from and so do our listening audience they want to hear back from him all right sounds good thank you Sir another call from temperance Joe another call regarding speed queens this is Jan hello John hi Joe Joe you know they the guy the previous call are really Kenny answered some some of my question but you know my grandmother had job a couple speed queens a washer dryer inner cottage up in the Irish hills and I'm and the Jews were you know all of that indestructible they give creators ages work perfectly in and I'm in the market for a new washer and dryer right now and I'm wondering yours date the you know and I know this guy previously called that could be an isolated incident he just got a bad model you know it's there there may there made on an assembly line you know errors can occur so I understand that but it is the quality of the newer ones as good as the old ones because the old ones I mean would last thirty years so you know I'm I'm not I'm just curious and also I wanted to ask you like these washers with I'll be agitator in there you know I'm going to get into that as they go along here and I'm going to start with you here with the state and I'm gonna make okay but let me let me say this on the literature that you get on a speed queen washing machine on the literature and I've got a pamphlet here I stolen from high lawful plan it says it says right on the on the literature should last for twenty five plus years old yeah no nobody else says that nobody else nor none of the other literature so says that in no way you washing machines are made today I'm a shade listen I know what quality as I've been fixing these things since nineteen fifty nine I don't know already is I do too and let me tell you just how I'm ashamed at the lack of quality that's in a proper do you buy a washing machine today the young lady here on a washing machine and I tale if she gets seven ten years out of it she's going to be awful lucky let's put it that way but the speed queen is made with the quality look at my wife and I have had two of them now in the last three and a half years first bear we have to leave at the house when we sold it in north they'll now we got another and she loves it but I'm talking to people I'm talking to people by the hundreds who are not happy with their washing machine and just let me give you one indicated the first indicator and let me read this if I can the Obama administration's focus on efficiency standards was unmatched by any previous administration to the point that it was responsible for about forty percent of the home appliance energy standards created over the thirty year history of the federal appliance standards program each subsequent tightening of efficiency standards has produced less of a return than the previous one through a combination of market forces and the innovations of appliance manufacturers many of plants is are now operating at near maximum efficiency so we go to the question you had do I like the machine without an agitator in the legal three fluffy things at the bottom no I don't I've tested one of those with dirty clothes at a store we turned it on we filled with clothes and the Carhartt jacket I put in there when he came out half of that was not wet now you imagine what it wasn't even aware there was no water on it at all so in deals with a certain amount of water and I did all listeners for that and I've always acres for the water yeah and you can't you can't wash your hands of the Cup full of water you just can't and so they're the same an allergy applies to a washing machine you cannot wash clothes unless you've got enough water in there to wash clothes and here's the other thing you'll see and you'll hear all I don't get any hot water in there well look at the dials has hot that's false advertising okay the dial says it should be hot but the water is only a hundred and four degree temperature because there's a role in there that controls and mixes the cold with the hot instead of regular hot water those three little just an energy saving feature right that's all has and and those three little fluffy things there in the bottom of the tub I don't I don't think they're worth a pinch of prunes let's put it that way you know it you know it's a sales and say is that the clothes are being washed as they rubbed together so that is why an agitator is not necessary you know what I'm going to do I'm not even gonna buy new I'm going to find an older pair of speed queens and and do that I'm not even going to buy new I'm going to buy in well what might wait a minute the old before I do that do the news feed queens have an agitator in them or do they not they do they do perfect okay then all right and I will buy new I was Dennis hello I was gonna is just say add one other point I wanted to make but I can't remember what I was going to make okay that's was called old age but that go shopping take a look around you'll pay a little more for a speech when you'll get twenty five plus years you won't need for service calls on a first ten years of ownership on a plane but these are the things that people do not know and that I guess is what makes this radio program so interesting to our listening audience I'm here to teach you in it's not it is not just my views it's the views of many other people in the service industry going take a little pause in the action now this segment of the home and appliance show is being presented the deal by Dalton environmental air duct cleaning and I'm telling you some this guy's been with me on radio for twenty eight years he does the job just as good as anybody else in this country that's Curt Presley had Dalton environmental if you want to text Joe with a question now the ideal way is to call us.

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