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Week is about manifesting what you want to achieve. I have learned that in order to do that excessively. You're going to have to get absolutely clear on what you want to worry about. The how the why in the what for example is an entrepreneur, I wanna consultant travel be great and people when they do these things I come alive. What about you women in the listener, what brings you to like make a list right down and keep it with you. This is Tina Powell with this week. Penis. Thank you. Tina, be sure to stay tuned for more from Tina in the upcoming weeks. Coming back to my wonderful guest, Betty Carter. What are you most proud of being part of the girl scouts? Well. That's a great question. I have so many things that I'm proud of and one of the, you know, let's just take a minute. Think about that. Or a few seconds. Sure. You know, it's really. Just having so many girls come through the program and has said I've been here a long time. So I now have you know, volunteers who were girls when I first started working here and to hear their memories and hear the impact that girl scouts has had on their lives. Like that to me. Like that keeps me going. You know, we we are a big organization as you said twenty six thousand girls fourteen thousand adults, you know, three camps for offices a lot going, you know, but to be able to just everyday wake up and say, you know, today is the day that I that a girl a girl scout will have something happen. That's positive that helps her become who she needs to be. And to see that through the women that are now volunteers that were girls when I start it, you know, so I've seen the whole cycle. And it to me that part is something I'm so proud of and then and then the young girls that I meet. I mean, I had an experience where recently I was speaking before a group of girl scouts kindergarten through twelfth grade. And I talked to them about how being a leader doesn't mean you have to stand up in front of a room. Like, I was talking to them. It could be quiet leadership. It could be helping your friend when they're sad and either helping to cheer them up yourself or finding an adult if they really need someone, and you know, I asked the girls to raise their hand and say I asked him how many of you think you're a leader. Please raise your hand and most of the girls raise their hands. But they didn't all and we talked about how you know, you can be a leader in in your own way. It doesn't mean you have to be you know, at the front of the room and afterwards. One of the moms came up to me. And she said, I was so surprised my daughter didn't raise her hand to say, she was a leader. But you know, she said that she's going to work on it. And the next time is Betty came. She's going to be able to raise her. Hand. And I thought oh my goodness. You know, I'm just trying to inspire these young women and to explain to them that, you know, leadership comes about in so many different ways. And for that mom to say, you know, I know my daughter's quiet, but I still thought she would recognize leadership in herself. But now, she knows that it's not, you know, the person that you think it is it can be you. And it is you you are a leader. And so that to me was was, you know, really important, and it's one of the things we talk about in girl scouts. He know. Everyone knows us for our delicious cookies, and we're thanks definitely. Thankful to everyone for supporting us through that program. But it is a program that helps the girls really empower themselves to do badge work to go on trips and to do community service, and it's funded by that great cookie program, and they learn such great school skills and more than fifty percent of women in business today. Stay they got their start in the girl scouts. Yeah. And it's really, you know, people think of us in a way that maybe they, you know, if they were girl scout growing up, and and the program has changed, and we feel like people know us and there's somewhat of a false familiarity like oh girl scouts. That's so nice. And it is nice. But it's necessary. It's necessary for girls to have that that place that they can go and learn new things, and and be themselves and be in all girls setting which is inclusive and welcoming and nurturing, and so it's nice and girl scouts is fun. But it's also necessary, and it really helps develop the pipeline for our future female leaders. You're absolutely right. And I was a girl scout when I was younger as well. We only have a few more minutes left. Is there anything that? You'd like to share with our listeners message. Well, we always need more people to be involved, you know, volunteers. Are welcome at all times. And and.

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