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Under thirty actually because I'm going into age thirty season. Here you have thirty thirty four thirty to twenty seven and thirty are the ages for this rotation senior they're putting together trade pieces. So I hope so I hope some Marga shows health is back to form. They can move him. They're going to move Bumgarner at some point because last year was deal Derek hololens on a one year deal. So they're gonna move him. So Suarez and Stratton. I'll get back into the rotation. It just seem maybe they're thinking, well if we can fix drew Pomeranz. We can turn around and sell something. He was traded for Anderson Spinoza, obviously, they're not going to get a prospect necessarily of that caliber. But just don't forget that drew Pomeranz has seven hundred ten innings of three Ninety-two ERA and about a strikeout per inning that that's the only point I'm making here. And as late as he's going as free as he is. I could say something I mean, I think there is this idea because they have been Mench. Nd as a mystery team for Harper and Machado. I think they're honestly I think what they might have been doing was trying to drive up the price on Harper. So the dodgers them. But if for some reason, they were to land them, I think they're leaving that that option open to try to make a run this year. I think that would be stupid because the giants are just atrocious. I mean again that rotation you can magic fairy dust it into some health and say, okay is their cleanup hitter. There's something there. But then the offense is just not good. And I think they have three two really strong trade pieces and the bullpen with. Whoa Smith and Tony Watson. And then the third who could be good with Mark Milan-San. Scene. Yeah. Hit back on. He's always someone's always interested in San Dyson. So they'll they'll be able to flip them. So they should be able to make a lot of moves. I'm surprised I'm really done anything in the off season. I guess they're looking to make the moves in season. So we'll see what happens. I eighty does. Once once things get rolling with spring training and whatnot for the giants last move here. Even smaller than the drew Pomeranz really even though he's going to be more fulltime role. Brad Brock into the back. End of that cubs. Bullpen day. Don't have a set closer. I think Pedro Strope gets the job to start though with with brenham Maurel hurt. I think even Carl Edwards junior is next, but brand has caused before he's been a great reliever before he wasn't last year is brand Brock somebody that uses the potentially being an NL only fill. It can get a strike outs. Back is really the bottom line question because he had three great strikeout years over well over a caper inning. And then last year really came back to the pack and like I said had a pretty. Men season, the three fifty ninety are might not tell you that. But the one sixty which sure as hell does. So Brad Brock is he somebody who can get in stuff back because swing strike rate was still there. I think of the velocity returns. Okay velocity was down over or about a mile an hour from the previous season about almost half from the season before that. And when his vows balls operating at ninety five ninety five plus then we're looking at a guy that will miss the bats. And I think he if Voss's back I think he's got a chance to be back. So he's one of those guys that will be kind of checking in with Jeff Zimmerman. When in spring training when he he's got a monitoring those velocities, and we see yes, we start seeing it. We're seeing him start at ninety four ninety five in spring or in ninety four really then we'll know will gain by the time we get to late spring early summer. And that's an indication that we should buy in on Brock. Agreed. I think that that's that's a really worthy consideration there about the velocity piece. And then he is a saves potential candidate like he's in the mix, and you never know because it's a wide open bullpen there. Again, I would favor Strope as the front runner. I mean, he's just he's still not that expensive. Even though he's going to open the season with the job..

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