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Give and from everybody here the world. Thank you a decade ago. Today the mid east and north africa change forever as people rose up from to yemen a libyan. American poet looks back on the resistance and what remains of the dreams of millions of protesters the how still lingers among many people who believed in the need for change a decade of to malt today on the world. i'm marco werman and i'm shooting jafari. Today we're looking back at the ten year anniversary of the arab uprisings. An earthshaking chapter that began on this day in two thousand ten with a desperate act protests in tunisia the movement quickly spread across the middle east and north africa when the revolution played out in egypt a decade ago. It seemed like a success story at first but that was then today. Many egyptians will tell you things are worse than they were before people took to the streets in january two thousand eleven the world's rupa shenoy reports on the further erosion of human rights in egypt. In the last few months civil rights activists say egypt has become a nightmare in october. The government more than doubled its pace of executions putting nearly sixty people to death in november egyptian state security arrested three prominent human rights leaders on terrorism charges after they met with western diplomats there with the egyptian initiative for personal rights or iae. Pr the pr is an aclu. Or then w. c. p. it's that revolutionary. And its that important while. Mia coup is the founder and executive director of the therere institute for middle east policy in washington. He says it seems like the country is at its lowest point ten years. After such a hopeful moment a protest movement led by young. Egyptians did the unthinkable. In february twenty eleven deposing military dictator hosni mubarak spoken voices.

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