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Did you get where you were? Finally, like, okay, I'm past the darkness. Wow. The there was so many 'em phases throughout this whole thing. But where I felt the most relief was as crazy as it sounds. It was when I was sentenced to forty eight months. It was okay. It's over. That's it. This is my punishment. Did you think it was going to be worse than that? Or did you fear? It would be worse than that. After going through all the shit. And all the publicity that I'm going to be honest with. I'm very optimistic. I thought I was going to get a slap on the wrist oldest. Yeah. I thought I was going to. But you know, what in retrospect, and and it's funny. You know, we plan in and the man upstairs laps, and it it almost saved my life. I believe it really saved my life. Because my my diction was out of control. My lifestyle was out of control, and my moral compass was way off and so I needed this time out if you will. And so in in retrospect, I I have to in a weird way. Thank the prosecutor thing the jar. You cold Turkey in prison is that how that happened or Turkey. But that that is how you were able to get off of. Well, I did I did go to rehab before. I I did a detox program, and then I went on and did a behavior modification program for addicts. And so on and so forth, but the monkey was stolen my back. You know, I had all all that pressure. I know I d- if I was going to go to prison or not, and you know, while I was in rehab. They told me we'll do this this way. We, you know, we'll get we're going to help you not not not go to prison, and you adopt point in time. My biggest fear was was going to prison. I've never been to prison before never even got an a DUI in my life. So it was this weighed on me, and and waited on on on my family, and I was hoping for for the best. But, you know, sometimes we don't we don't know what's best for us. And so I I truly believe that when I got those forty eight months, it's when I was able to breathe that Sira leaf. It was like, well, I'm gonna prison. I'm going as crazy. That's how crazy and out of control my life was where hey you going to prison. It was like, wow. Okay. Thank god. No cars waiting outside my house. No paranoia will not that kind of paranoia. I mean, there are all sorts of different. Now paranoia is that would arrive in prison. It doesn't feel like it would be very safe now twenty up in a camp in Alabama federal prison and was like low security. It was Campos. Minimum right. Minimum. Minimum. Yeah. So Tony is they're teaching..

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