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Thursday Timmy what is it The velociraptor likes feces is arguably one of the world's most recognizable dinosaurs thanks largely to the movie Jurassic Park I'm Trey Thomas A couple in India is suing their son and his wife for not giving them a grandchild The couple's son has been married for 6 years and they filed the lawsuit earlier this month claiming mental harassment for the lack of grandchildren The lawsuit seeks $650,000 in compensation if a grandchild is not born within the next year The couple even said they would raise the child if their son and his wife were too busy with their careers I'm Brian shook And I'm Charlie pellet Bloomberg world headquarters Stocks came roaring back at the end of a nerve wracking week with the Dow the S and B and NASDAQ all rallying today Victoria Fernández is chief market strategist at crossmark global investments I'm not all in on the camp that we're having capitulation at this point in time or that we've hit a bottom I mean nobody calls that exactly but you look at the vix the vix is at a 30 And typically you don't see that capitulation until you get the vix around 40 Cross marks Victoria Fernández So another tumultuous week is behind us with one big topic on investors minds Jim Paulsen is chief investment strategist at Luthor weeden capital The fears we have today are tied to one thing really inflation That is the elephant in the room All the fears we have about high how high yields have to go how many times the fed's going to have to raise rates How much behind the curve they are whether they're going to have a policy blender ultimately a recession are tied to the inflation rate Jim Paulsen of Luthor whedon inflation is stomping on American consumer confidence as we hear from Bloomberg's Vinny del giudice The University.

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