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Public safety reform and reject budget cuts that put the community at risk. The survey also shows that 4% were unsatisfied with the city's handling of the homeless and 74% unsatisfied with the handling of traffic issues. John Cooley, NewsRadio Kale, BJ President, Trump will visit the Midland area today. President Trump Today makes his 16th trip to Texas as president when he visits an oil rig a double Eagle energy and also attends of fundraiser in Midland, the president's visit to Texas. Comes. His recent polls show a dead heat between him and former vice president Joe Biden. President easily won Texas by nine points in 2016 and he and vice president Pence are hoping to keep Texas and it's 38 electoral votes in their column in November. Texas Democrats, meanwhile, believe that the state is in play in the general election. And that there will be the resource is necessary to flip it in Washington. John Decker Fox News Travis County Health Authority, Dr Marcus Scott says he's watching the numbers on Children and teenagers testing positive as schools consider what to do for the fall semester. The 10 to 90 age group is represented more than 10% of the positive cases. He says he expects to call for a slow, phased in approach to reopening the schools. He's probably going to recommend that no more than 25% of the kids be back on campus. 8 33 A. Kale BJ, Here's Austin's on time traffic with Melinda Brandt. Fairly light conditions out there so far this morning, just a little bit of congestion on 35 North found right around William Cannon. We also have reports of a collision at Kamal and 14th Street and one over on 3 60 South on at Lakewood. Drive Your next reports at 8 45 I'm Melinda Brant with Austin's on time traffic. This second pulse of clouds and sunshine for today with a high of 96 heat index values up to 105 tonight Mostly cloudy, inhuman with low.

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