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Producer Kyle doing an amazing job on the board as usual. Okay, Now you think that Indianapolis is bad, and Mayor Joe Hawk's head is affectless leader. City Council is ineffectual and uninspiring at best. Well, don't worry, because there are worse examples. You could be living in Toledo, Ohio. I was born in Toledo, Ohio. Oh, I'm so sorry. I mean, I left when I was one. So I knew was coming. I knew to get out when I could. I mean on their city council, pure fluster cookery ridiculous there that said, now in the city of Indianapolis, you're undoubtedly familiar with now the additional regulation that Joe Hawks that has just announced Failed. You thought that we were entering Phase five on July 4th, huh? You dumb piece of crap. You couldn't be more than Oh, my We are delaying reopening until July 18th. But, you know, of course, when sits for moving the goal post. That could really be any time could be August could be September. To be October. Who the heck knows at this point, but in the city of Indianapolis, not only will be full re opening will be delayed, but you'll be having to wear a mask as well. Basically, wherever you go, there are some exceptions. I'm one of those. I have the asthma. So you know, I could just carry around my inhaler and I will be exempt from Mayor Joe Hog sets order. Now, people with asthma are also those most likely at risk from infection of Corona virus, So that may not be advisable, but damn it. I'm an American and I could endanger my health. If I want to or not. It's my constitutional right to risk infection. Wanna catch 22? And so the decision? Mayor Joe made out made today about July 9th, when we have to start wearing mandatory mass doesn't seem to really be based off any July 9th just seems to be just a week from today. There was really based off of any expertise, and he sort of science. It was kind of just like we're going to start doing this a week from today, But Ari was reopening on July the fourth based on science. Well, you you got me there because I guess that's true to its one of those things where it's all political conversation has become political Ari, and it's a pandemic. It's a virus, a disease, something that that should be data and science driven. Not politics. I don't mind wearing a mask. I think that the mass do help. I just think that If you're going to make everyone wear a mask. Then you might as well open everything back up again, because if everyone's wearing a mask that everyone's being safe, every practicing social distancing as best they can. We can open things back up again. If there's no point of making everyone wear a mask, and still not opening things up, let's take into consideration The case of the great clips, hair cutter and Missouri were you from. Did you hear about her? Re RIA RIA introduced me to okay. The great clips hairdresser in Missouri, she tested positive. For Corona virus, infecting at least one other staff member and exposing potentially upwards of 150 clients now through contact tracing, they got back in touch with all of those clientele and two weeks after the event. Nobody got infected. And why? Because customers and the hairdresser's war mask there you go. So tying it back in. Yeah, if we all wear masks was the point of diddle angry opening, if anything, maybe that's the cost of reopening isn't what? Ah Vice president. Pence said that we should think of wearing masks and taking extra precautionary measures as the means to facilitating the reopening of the economy rather than the hindrance of it. It's the people I truly believe Most people are responsible, but it's the The one guy who is a jackass. If you will, and just doesn't talking about rob Candle That's inappropriate. Who refuses to wear a mask? You doesn't wash his hands who goes out of his way just to be that guy. He's got a room for the rest of us seriously like if everyone acted just a little bit responsible. This would be over so quickly, but people are so stubborn. I understand that you're upset. I understand It's an inconvenience, but I think at the end of the day, the mild the mild just washing your hands and wearing a mask when you're in inside and large groups. It goes a long way. And I think just the one guy screwing it up is gonna hurt all of us. This is America. Damn it. My freedom is more important than being inconvenience. And Okay now Democrats in Ohio and I mean, if you were dismayed by the lack of leadership coming from the Hogshead administration in the City council here At least you're not there. The Democrats Larry Sykes even harbor Tyrone Riley. Gary Johnson were named in the complaint Tuesday, along with attorney Keith Mitchell. All accused Of funneling bribes. The filing in the U. S. Northern District Court describes the alleged offenses as a receipt of bribe by agent of organization receiving federal funds and Hobbs Act extortion under color of official right, According to you Today, the FBI state started to investigate Toledo City Council all the way back in 2018. First listening or accepting cash checks, money orders or other things of value from local business owners in exchange for their votes on the City Council. Now we can at least rest assured that our city Council is not involved in this scandal because the business owners here would certainly be driving that you are correct. Tony Cats. Actually, we're talking about this on the midday show Tony Cats today and he was saying it's stories like this that are critically important and I agree local government. Is is where you need to go. People focus on the big stuff. President Trump the Senate, the House of Representatives. It's the local government that dictates the policy that you and I deal with every single day. So you might say. Ah, these are just some goofballs in Toledo, Ohio. No, no, no. This is happening all across the country. City County councils are notorious for shady shadiness going around all over the place. It is so important to keep an eye on your local government on your city County Council on things like this because you need to make sure that you're being looked out for You can't expect the people way up high to know about the little guy. Thes air your representives. These are people who are taking care of you. These are the stories that arm or important than the big stuff, In my opinion, and Ari, it's disappointing and ironic addendum to that discussion that you and I find ourselves in the age group that participates often least In elections of any kind. You're I'm 27 year 28. Millennials typically don't find themselves as being politically active. They represent themselves that way on social media. But as Faras the voting numbers go, we don't participate and that needs to change and also general elections. Presidential elections are fate favored and participated in more heavily than local elections. But the bitter irony there, as you mentioned again, local elections and local politics has the biggest And most direct impact on your daily life, and it's those people that you need to be paying attention to. But all too often they get ignored and then fluster cookery like until Leo is allowed to continue unchecked. I mean, we've even had issues of the Indianapolis City County Council, they had plenty of issues. Years ago with some legal troubles if legal stuff Yeah, that's right. You could Google that stuff if you want. This is not a one off issue in Toledo again. This is reveling. Local small government elected officials who get paid 1000 bucks a year are ripe for taking bribes and right for doing things unethical to put themselves ahead is so critical to keep your eye on these people and to hold people accountable. Your remedy for the disease can be found at the ballot box. There you go coming out of the next hour. We have a little bit of booze news to share where a Texas bar owner has made a stand against Governor Greg Abit, also human remains discovered. Close to an army base in Texas. Very disconcerting, giving you the details again. Coming up next in the next hour. Stay.

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