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Vatican hospital take him in nearly one point seven million dollars had been raised to help him leave britain for treatment but little has changed for charlie guard a terminallyill british emphan at the center of a global crusade to follow his parents wishes to have been treated in the united states three british courts have ruled it's in charlie's best interests to be allowed to stay in a british hospital at died with dignity his parents are spending time with their son before his life support is turned off i'm walter ratliff komo news time 342 nkomo aaa traffic every 10 minutes on the 4's kira jordan watch and the roads force either all good afternoon boy we are looking at very a busy roads right now and several blocking problems as well let's start with a crash in federal way the southsouth on i 5 approaching the trucks cows good news that has just been cleared out of two right lanes traffic still remain slow from three twenty at that then that's causing westbound eighteen to stack up from warehouse her unfortunately i just got the word that now southbound i 5 at 328 we have any stall that's blocking the hov lane so we're not going to be seeing any relief quite yet as he travelled through that area in bellevue southbound 405 nearcult creek we have a crash blocking the hov lane traffic is slow from northeast 8 and cake harper we continue to work on our crash eastbound sixteen at burnham this is blocking the right lane that's leaving heavy slowing had at the perky area now in enumclaw state route 169 completely blocked in both directions at three hundred eighty third this is due to a rollover crashes seeing about a half mile backup so far scott hadn't avoid that area that i think people are kind of getting into that area angling whoops than than turning right around and and getting out of there and then we have a lotta people returning from their holiday plans and that's why you're trip on northbound i 5 from olympia to tacoma is taking about an hour and twenty minutes and we are seeing very hefty delays on our ferries up to two hour wait that of bainbridge clinton and king thin end up to you and maybe about an hour at this point out of that sean your next report's at three twenty.

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