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When brian shields i notified nortel networks leadership about a major cyber incident. It's not that. He was outright turned aside. They didn't laugh him out of the room like cartoon villains rather according to him and others involved. The people in charge just didn't give it much. Thought they were distracted with other matters. They believed were more. For example there were right in the middle of firing their ceo frank dunn for some shady accounting practices. They did so just full days after. Brian and his team discovered the breach so soon that done himself didn't even hear that he was hacked. But even those who weren't fired didn't hear much about it. Nortel board members later told bloomberg that they couldn't recall the news ever having come up in any of their weekly meetings. They were simply too busy with on boarding the new. Ceo the man they brought in was bill. Owens a decorated former admiral the us navy and former vice chairman of the joint chiefs of staff as ceo. He didn't do anything about the breach either because he didn't prioritize it or if one were to make an educated guess because nobody around him was talking to him about it instead. According to bloomberg quote nortel global technological juggernaut would respond to one of the longest. Running chinese heck's of the decade with password update and a series of overtures to wow and quote. You thought we forgot about him as dedicated listeners of this show will know being anywhere near while we on their radar to any degree is a bad idea for western technology. Companies in two thousand and three cisco exotic realized why not only copied cisco router technology bit for bit but even plagiarized cisco's instructional manuals do companies documentation contained the same titles. Something similar happened to nortel one case. At least a piece of network equipment. I believe it was a wick. Car was returned To a return maintenance authorization depot were facility in texas. That's bill hake stat. A retired lieutenant colonel of the us marine corp and a frequent visiting scholar to the pa. china's people's liberation army. They incident takes tag is referring to here was verified by a number of nortel employees including shelves and forensic investigator brought in to examine what happened as the story goes. Chinese company delivered a unique piece of routing equipment the fiber card using nortel's data switches. Back to nortel. They wanted to refund the technicians when they received they found that it had been essentially disassembled as if somebody will reverse engineering it. The chinese didn't even take the time to put it back together when they returned it in this really kind of tip. The hat that something malicious or melvin was happening regarding the partnership with china from the national post quote. Tony ester c. You assistant to nortel's vice. President of security and brian shields confirmed the incident though. They say they recall. It was a front company that had bought the equipment and passed it on to why. Meanwhile the company started noticing knockoff. Versions of some of its products in asian markets. He says nortel considered suing but dropped the matter after the office across the road in texas closed down and quote. While we're denies ever having stolen. Nortel i pete but the allegations against them are numerous. One industry vet told the globe and mail that by two thousand and four quote. It was clear to many that why was copying nortel's telecom hardware and even its instruction manuals and quote take another example reported in the wall street journal quote on summer evening in two thousand four as the super com tech conference in chicago wound down a middle aged. Chinese visitor began winning his way through the nearly abandoned booths popping open million dollar networking equipment to photograph the circuit boards inside according to people who were there Security guards stopped him and confiscated memory sticks with the photos a notebook with diagrams and data belonging to eighteen t corporation and a list of six companies including fujitsu network communications inc and nortel networks corporation. The man identified himself to conference staff as jew e been an engineer. The word on his lanyard read way who an accidental scramble. he said of his employer's name while we're technologies corporation and quote. Suffice it to say if we're was behind the nortel heck from two thousand to two thousand nine. It wouldn't be surprising and it wouldn't be the only way there were spying on nortel doing those very same years. The circumstantial evidence tying them to the heck can look pretty strong. All you have to do is look at the kinds of information. They were targeting. For example among the information included in those two thousand and four data transfers to shanghai faction where quote strategy documents titled roadmap values and challenges to nortel and value chain dynamics and industry structure stolen the increase documents with titles such as photonic crystals and scale integration and switching and tuning highly integrated circuits and speed data over universal mobile telecommunications service and quote if burglar sneaks into your apartment and steals only a certain kind of item your prized comic book collection. Maybe or your underwear. You can deduce something about who they are likewise. None of the information shanghai factions stole would be of much use to anyone other than a fellow. Telecoms company brian shields has cited particular files as further evidence. For example one of the documents from live link was about quote high speed data over m t s quad. Untaes basically is three g. Four years after theft while way won its first big north american contract beating out nortel in the process. The one on a proposal to install kind of mobile.

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