Texas, United States, Freedom Of Information Act discussed on No Agenda - 966: 'Master Algo'


The judicial watch is the one who broke it okay are they quoting sources no no they do everything from from freedom of information act s requests defined documents i couldn't fight this far as i know it was cnn who broke this which was very good have been cnn abroad alberda didn't followed closely because i've always assumed that this was a this was going on well be stupid to think it isn't it right now the to us and especially when everyone applauds it i mean that's wrong message no that's not good that's the message that's what people believe it sadder than giving the wrong message this is your typical american and tourist in new york douche but these are the dumb people and there's lots of them hate to say it well wait until you get to the miss america materials geez okay and one of the worst offenders are just teasing yes miss texas is rubbing it in to this past week we had a hearing on the hill in these united states of get more nation about says stop fest which is to stop sex trafficking an ax to stop sex trafficking yeah this has been whose very unusual the people responded to it well and and i i don't i did deep dive into it and it revolves round section two of three of the communications decency act which is which were set in place i believe for all the right reasons and we can have a little debate about this if it should be there are not afraid to change and in essence there's really only one paragraph that matters that says if you if you host they service on the internet then you cannot be held liable for what other people or other services post on your service and that is what.

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