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And your atm horizon wireless cell phone corean lonsdale's on wip corey thank you for holding john how you doing i'm good man what's happening i got two theories as to why they're the all the attendance is down one i think is because they're lacking a batter a big time better you know what i mean everyone likes to see a show who goes there you know what i mean so a lot of the people i feel is that their lack he's giving them a show in people to watch something you know what i mean the ryan howard factor when he was in his prime exactly because he was a household name and people would go out and they would see him and it attracts more people they get word of mouth gets around about ryan howard people on that level and people go up more i mean okay so unless let me throw thi this way him so essentially you know even if the team was ten games above five hundred which they were at one point or nine games above whatever it was the attendance was still not very high simply because they're they're lacking the lacking the start the show i mean it's simple baseball but they're lacking the the superstar of the show that everybody's clamoring to see the the finale exactly like the pitching's saturday at the ballpark i mean there's nobody there just twenty they may announce like twenty six but there's like twenty thousand people there and the place holds forty six and this is against the best team in the national league you're well above five hundred and you know in many cases there's a giveaway that day yet the attendance is still.

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