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It. Our tax number two. Right. This show comment. You know, send pictures give us tips on stories. Whatever right. Oh my God. We love little tips. Eight hundred four hundred three six nine seven. Five one says I love the stupid staff. Thanks. Oh. We got plenty of that. No, one says, the baby style talk was so funny. Oh, great. I'm glad people enjoyed it was absolute nonsense. They're supposed to be cats. Is that what they're talking about baby stuff, but baby style talk as you guys. Talking is cats wasn't it. No, no, no. That was us getting dressed up as Halloween, costumes. The baby was Jesus. How is Jesus can go. Oh, what kind of carrying style would Jesus us. Does he sling you over his back? There's not even a bit. There's no baby style to talk about. It's piggyback. It's having a back. Jesus. Doesn't say hop up. Yeah. No. He he would come up in the Barrett. He and be having your. Booty right greed. Oh, great. Happy birthday cake grace. So we have an intern who's great. They're on the eighteen by the way, grace, they do the Monday Wednesday, Friday and faith this morning. Good odds. My mom's birthday and she's coming in. And she raised me on Alice radio, so best mom ever. And then pour grazes like stuck in traffic lights. Some kind of construction thing was happening Francisco for ever. And so I'm like I've. Oh, and she's going to be here for one minute. I have some questions. Where'd you commute from Santa Clara, California? Oh, I see what time do you leave seven? Oh, darn it. Well, she figured in our rather than seven, isn't that crazy? All the time seven forty three point three two. Are you single? Sorry. Sorry, man. She's not single both forty-three. I mean you. You don't want that you're on camera. Head. Of your kid super. She's so great. He's doing a great job. Oh. Yeah. Well, I'm sorry that you had such a miserable commute in this morning. Now, you know, what everyone's dealing with out there. See that. Yeah. Well, she's doing great happy birthday to you. The final twelve minutes of the show. Poor thing so bad for. Mob's you raise your kid, the right way, raising a generation allies. I love it. Wait, wait, wait, the names. So grace and faith Doral give other kids to and are they hoping charity? Yeah. Well, we have Jared boring. It was going to be a girl. It was to be middle. Name would have been hope. Oh, and we also have Nathan who's nine. Many more on the way. None no more threes. A lot. You didn't think to keep that going like Noah or job? No, not at all. Five has texted in. Let me see here. I worked in the nursery for Stanford children's from ninety three to zero three, and of course of ten years there. There was a jump in the number of multiples twins and triplets all the nurses would tell you that the increase was due for Tila, d-, drugs and IBF. So they're saying that's why you get defensive about having us IBF though, like they don't want you to know. I think that people see it as a short falling on their part or something, you know, so people I think especially with twins who didn't use IV ever like super defensive. I don't. Okay, I don't understand it. But I yeah, that's fine. Your feelings are valid my my way, right? We all get, you know, edged about different. Absolutely. I don't like that surfer bit. You do. I hate it. The one, you know, the one I do know the one my wife Mary sorry about it. You know, hoopla my wife, and I just had her second set of twins. So or fertility drugs wife wanted another baby. And I was scared. We might have twins again, the ultimate told you so moment at the ultrasound appointment say four kids sounds like it sounds like I'm an amazing twins running Manley. Twinsies. I I mean, I'm sure they're they're quite the blessing. Also, quite the nightmare. We got sent. And it looks like they're citing TMZ is the source, but we got sent about the reason for the Arianna. This is huge break break-up. Yeah. So I was reading about that. And there's one source that someone said. And said that that was did you just read what it was. Oh, well, I don't have them unless I yell out for the girls to bring their saying that he said intimate photos of himself and Arianna. Her ex Miller, you got no chance. Yeah. You guys are never going to get back together. You're a girl. Wait, what was? Oh, no. That wouldn't have worked that one thing that the dude wrote about kind wife and hid it. I hid it. I. And then another source told BuzzFeed, no, Pete Davidson didn't send intimate pictures with our Yana Guerande to MAC Miller. Well incident was simply untrue. I believe it totally. And I do think that the thing is she's been struggling so hard since McMillan's death. And if he really did send those pictures, then that's could be why that did commit. It's even if it's not why you didn't. He didn't really commit suicide. Right. He odid. Yes. So he might have been driven further off the rails by that. I found out that someone had done that. And then this person that I cared deeply about had off themselves because of it. Oh boy. Boil. That's a reason to break up. Sure. So both parties as far as he Davidson and Arianna garage, another their people will confirm nor deny. Well, there's that's something. Someone just sent us. We'll see that is juicy people that believe me. The celebrity news world is digging right now four and five says thank you for the gift. That is Scott. I laughed the whole time. He was on. He was on fire today. So I could have done without the cabaret. Oh, really? I love the cabaret. I love how much Scott makes Vinnie laugh. It's cute. Foreign five says, I just you think I could get him. Yes. He's been in love with you since you met, you you should see what he's been texting me. And even if he's not in love. I mean, he Vinnie would be like a notch on his belt. Oh, yeah. Oh, he's in. He says it'd be a minus on yours any the question that you asked him off the air in the in there before it was dirty. He said that that he's maniacal. He's at a bunch of other stuff too. But he said you can't even tell me now. It's dumb stuff this weekend that he said I really have to bring Vinnie a big rock expensive piece of meat to make up for that meal. He purchased no way. Guys. Don't don't bring me anything the conversation was so gnarly human had to leave the room. Yeah. Who left he was like, oh, you mean the question that? Yeah. Really does have the questions Photoshop myself into a picture? Wisconsin saved myself seven fifty. Oh, yeah. But you could get to. Yeah. Pictures for seven fifty. Plus, you get to actually touch him mazing. Stanford mall is getting a shake shack. Oh, oh, they are coming. There was three locations when we read the original story a couple of months back. Yeah. I just didn't remember which is like shaky shake shack Shakey's is an old time pizza place. It was right near my house. And it was where we would go to play video games and also occasionally eat pizza and has little kids. You know, you'll eat pretty much anything that looks like a pizza Sega. Yes. Yeah. It was an option, right? So why why do we keep prosecuting the oldest profession in the world? Why can't this be legalized massage parlor strip clubs, whatever you call it to cover up sex with greed? It will continue to opportunity for cities to generate revenue. Sure. And for people to be safer and be able to get the things that they need and for with the women who were providing those services to be in safe environments, clean safe tested environments. I just you know, whatever the war puritan society. That's the way it is. I I, and I just I shouldn't even ever bring it up because I- everyone's always like how could you? I'm like, well, we. People are getting paid to have sex Balaji. Different. Camera. Right. We have it. We can call it by a different name. So I guess so palatable, I guess. I think people should be allowed to do what they wanna do. And I think it would be a lot safer for them to do that. If it was legal on these people had some kind of protections ninety-five says at forty something I thought I had all that beautiful kids. Nice house with a pool then I caught my husband cheating. Now, I'm single in my fifties. The worries are back. Surco? Suck at came over, man. Did you bring it to Mexico? Like, I asked you to. I did not I did not. I'm just joking about the men's soccer women's suck to. We also backing people suck. Can't win for losing game over man. Love that ninety-five says I'm sitting in my car right now pleasant hill Bart parked a full hour before I need to get on the train same every day. Yeah. You're not going to get a spot. Listen to this. Here's a hack for you. Okay. This person just gave up their son. I really like it. Yeah. Ninety five good morning. If I missed my normal train. I'll take a train to go back. A stop to make sure I get a seat on the next one. Oh, it's genius genus go back farther back. One hop on. It's bad. You can't just start from the very beginning. Well, I mean. To schedule in front of you back as far as you need to. Yeah. That's awesome. Someone says that their location is the move Rena. Marina. Four and five says, oh, marina people need the money. Well, the lady working at the Safeway does isn't that? The rumor now that it was an employee was an employee Ganor. No. It's a man. Someone had said he's a very nice, man. Very hard working. I guess people were taken I guess he showed up to work today and people are taking pictures with them. He went to work. I guess that's what the rep was saying on the news. Well, do you quit your job interview? I never saw quits his job. It's only one point nine million. And then we think after if you get lump sum in taxes, it's half a million bucks. Plus he hasn't gotten it yet. You know, you gotta wait till you. All right. It's a sure thing. Thank you keep showing up really got the ticket. It's a sure thing makes maybe he likes. It's gonna keep bagging groceries. No problem. I didn't I didn't hate working grocery. But there's and believe me a lot of the people I work grocery with when I was a kid hated it. But one of the things for sure as it is groundhog day. You are the day. They live in. Nothing new this job because it's like, you just never know. What's different every single day? Yeah. Yeah. Show me and best. He got secret show tickets yesterday. So..

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