President Trump, Senator Corker, Keith discussed on PBS NewsHour - How Trumps feud with Corker reflects the GOPs shifting direction


And for more now on the president's fight with senator corker the white house push for stricter immigration policies and more it's time for politics monday with a keith of npr install rottenberg senior editor for inside elections politics monday welcome to you both tam i'm going to start with you have we ever seen and i know you're young in your young a few years covering american politics have you ever seen this kind of dispute between the president and a leading member of his party in congress well i mean if you count the dispute john mccain resident within just a few weeks ago and this is a different kind of president and no this is not normal it is not normal to pick a fight with someone who's vote will be absolutely critical for that tax bill that president trump wants to push through its it's not normal to have a leading senator the head of the foreign relations committee tweeting about adult daycare th this is highly unusual i'm gonna bet you you but let's remember that this feud goes back to the middle of august one after charlottesville senator corker commented about the president's leadership he's uh corker said the president is not demonstrated that he understands what has made this nation great thought forth and so on trump fired back so this has been going on for a while and no this doesn't happen this never happens i mean there are private disagreements and there are examples where legislators have a problem with the white house the president has a problem with what's later but blow in open.

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