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And the morning news center i thank you for joining us more sunshine today today will be even nicer than yesterday which was a sparkling bright sunny day will be in the mid seventies right now though it's forty eight warren police in the fbi will resume a search today in mccomb township for bodies that may be buried near a creek this search began yesterday it's being conducted in the area twenty three miles north avenue part of a case out of warren nearly forty years old the search is connected to the case of kimberly king twelve year old runaway who went missing in the late nineteen seventies a student at lincoln middle school kimberly had gone across the street from her grandparents house where she lived to one of her friend's house this was in nineteen seventy nine she told her family she was going to spend the night there but she had wandered before according to the authorities her sister got a call late last night and kimberley said she was calling from nine mile and hoover kim's family reported her missing to warren police at the time investigators thought she was a runaway the sister searched and heard that kim and made her way to eleven mile and grasset in roseville well the search is near where the body of is ours zika was found ten years ago that girl disappeared in the nineteen eighties arthur ream arthur ream convicted of her murder he is serving life in prison police also wonder if other bodies are buried in this wooded area wbz news time five oh five with traffic and weather first on the fives dana clark good morning dana morning dick nice and quiet out there we are seeing a couple of delays still accident free to kick off your tuesday drive in detroit along woodward northbound slow between jefferson and michigan avenue and in utica stop and go along m fifty nine between a van dyke and m fifty three that's traveling eastbound and dana clark wjr traffic first.

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