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By that Ernie. Adam Ernie zigzagging left circle just holding out of that puck cycles to podcast. I love circle offensive zone shift here for the lightning pockets passes blocked by Nolan Patrick to walk it out to center ice curl into the Lightning's all left circle Lindblom is checked by Chernick Chernick punch. No need for that. Although the flowers are the fliers react on turtleneck. So the original penalty was going on Cherniak. Although there may be it even upper here is a flyers reacted on Cherniak Teno three left. It is five one lightning. Of flyers taking those two kind of undisciplined penalties are already an angry group. Then you throw into this mix this playwright here Eric Chan act just kind of catches. Is it bomb in the mouth on that play? He gets them in the face. And then it's kind of a little bit of a mad scramble dog pile on top of the two. So certainly turn out of the box. But. Four check reacted on Chernick. He's also getting a penalty. Although there's still maybe a flyers power play. Still half a period to go here and the lightening one acre they take care of business. Here's the power play here in the third is allowed to open up a five one lead. Shorting out the penalties. Looking at the replay on that one chair neck does a good job initially at trying to make that check. But he tries to finish the job there with his right hand and ninety three Philadelphia. Minor roughing completely gets Lynn bomb in the face there. All right. Got the extra two. They they said to for roughing a two for high sticking Cherniak. If I heard it correctly. And or check. Got to so board check on the power play for the flyers. Cortec really upset on that. Last play. He goes to the box throwing stick his helmet. But here's sorry kale. Here's an opening for the flyers trying to get back in sorry. Finish your thought there. I hadn't been an easy two games for the flyers. They kinda feel like they should have been rewarded for some of their play against the devils and again against the lightning. So we'll see what they can do on this power play. Now. Bruins the face upbeats gossips bear centerpoint left circle to rue directing traffic. Centerpoint gossip, spare shoot walks. Rebound travis. Connect me, right circle. Five one lightning in the third connect neither right circle right corner. Vein raves decorates circle. Connecting. Is a point Jane Gaza spirit, right? Civil connecting open shoot score. Connect. He was out there. Jack was in the box. So the flyers get one of those goals back, and it just reemphasize is the point of light after state disappoint here. And this is going to be. Along third period here, if they're going gonna continue to take penalties. But that was just a nice shot and great execution from the high slot. Fliers really needed something to get things going for their team kind of mixed up the pairings a little bit. I don't know of Alex Lorne had just been on the previous shift's Tyler Johnson. Anthony, Sara Lee out there. And it just kinda beats him Louis Demane blocker side top-shelf connect, he gets his fourth gossip spirit, Dan Reeves that gotta leave the assists started with the face. I went to for Jerusalem. Cobra nudges it out sodas five to two lightning Buddhist right side to Senate sweets, it it sorta walks it out. The flyers zone right point shot his glove by goaltender picker to hold on. Now. We'll get a break nine seventeen left five to lighting lighting radio. Nothing cranks up the excitement of a lightning game like seats at Amway arena..

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