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One hundred stand. They used to turn her mic off a winless. Would they do that? She's not as bad as Yoko Ono singing seen videos of her is absolutely the worst. I'll even know out human being can make that sound. I don't understand companies would give her because they were both married to two of the most important Beatles. But what does that have to do with putting out a horrible product? What are you talking about? She didn't she wasn't on the album. She just played on the no she had albums. Oh, she did song. Well, how do you know that he didn't pay for all that? Well, that's true too. You know? Youtubers that I hate. Okay. Okay. I wanna play Yoko Ono. But no one her own cuss words. I know better not. Yeah. Okay. We'll save that for YouTubers inter added again, meet Cole and savanna LA Brandt. I like I don't like them because their last name. Wait. What what what why see the gerbil running around? Now, I know them. He's almost dead of exhaustion. Well, you don't know coal in savannah, LeBron actually I do because I was doing the amazing race with their mother. Call and Sherry LeBron no way. So I'm close personal friends with them as serious on the show you on Facebook. Okay. She has five million Instagram followers. They husband has four million Instagram followers ever lay. Which is the six year old daughter has four point three million followers. And the three month old daughter Posey has over a million followers. They did a little songs and costumes and stuff. Oh, yes. That's the mom. Knockout, right. Yeah. Okay. So they posted a video on April Fools. Okay. We said don't do this. All my gosh. She was that. All my gosh. We're surrounded about nakedness. W. Distract Tony died. Put a girl half naked on TV naked lady, get on Paul Rogers, computer screen. So they posted a video for April Fools joke. Telling the six year old daughter that they were giving her puppy away. Oh, come on. And the girl the six year old girl is crying course. She is. It makes me wanna puke I want to I want to if you ever get them to Louisville. I'm going to scream at them and go, you know, what what is your problem? Now. Do you want to get even more upset? The puppy coral, which has the most normal name ever lay Posey is my dog. His name's Kenny. It's right. Hey, colorado. Magic going to the park and your dogs runoff going cabin. Kevin Carl has eight hundred thousand Instagram followers. I puppy pup. I get it baby. Yeah. Puppy limits. Go get his own Instagram. I don't I don't understand this world. I don't understand what the under twenty five year old people are doing this while I'm doing this about the way started a new podcast called girl code with three of the women that work here. You can go to sound cloud and just punch in girl code, and listen cloud, of course, is a store in Jefferson mall. No, it's not. Website. So at the end of the video. Instagram pages. Nothing it's called limit pooping and every day just put a different picture of him doing his duty. Or we like say, why would you not get a million followers right away? I know. My mom admitted that there that she had a favorite child on the internet, and then in the internet, basically. The rest of her kids have to say, okay. Well, the kids are young. So she tried. She went on some form, she went on mums dot net. And she said she has foreign a better connection with the three year old then she does I'm sorry with the eighteen month old rather than the three year old three os could talk back. And she wondered if this was normal one of the response was I love my two oldest teens, they are they are kind and caring and good company. But my youngest, however is nothing like us, and I kind of don't really like him very much. Oh my gosh. It's human nature. I don't love him any differently than I love the other one. But I do prefer the other one over him. Another one said another one said, they couldn't understand how you could have a favorite if you have multiple siblings. Everyone in the family know, who's the favorite is if you have more than two I would say to could probably pretty keep it close to the vest. But if you have three or more, everyone knows in do you not agree that everyone knows in the family? Like, we asked Harry matters today. They have thirteen he knew exactly Michael, Michael, Michael miners is the favorite right? I mean, I hate to say, I don't know if I am or not out of the four. No, my mom says she likes my brother, better, not get you know. I don't care. I don't care if it was if it was one of my siblings. I would just like that's the favorite. She didn't say that. I love you. Mom. Do you think she's a? Probably my mom's a Swedish woman in the world. We'd never find out tomorrow night. We will be at Saint bernards. So please come on out for fish and beer WMC will be with us. They're going to be a little hungover. But we will be there with them from five until eight Saint bernards is over here in fern creek. So please of come join us, and you are going out the door on your way to the girl. Yes. Taking your place. Danny Goldberg is going to join me when we come back. We're going to talk about nirvana because he was close friends with Kirk obeying, and even manage nirvana phone with that interview, buddy. Oh, well, baby care way. Tony Dwyer NewsRadio eight forty WFAN bird next. Bluecross blueshield believe everyone should have access to healthcare. No matter who you are or where you live. That's why in every state are companies are working to improve health and expand access to care from training. Former military medics to serve rural America to helping expectant mothers recovered from opioid dependence. We are investing community by community for the health of America. Learn more at BC BS progress health dot com. The Blue Cross Blue shield association is an association of independent locally operated. Blue Cross and Blue Shield companies. Okay. Are cereals have way too much sugar. So I bought this box of grain, it has less sugar, and it super yummy any questions..

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