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All. Yeah. Let's go dizzy in the. Backfield. Baby. Go to this. I don't think that's likely to happen. But if it did, it would sound like this. Play. The drop. Yeah I'm really thankful for that opportunity he had a he had a touchdown that he should have brought in this past week. But there are so many other names to to bring up Jason. All right. So it sounds like we are more confident in the. Forty niners situation than we are in the seahawks. Situation. Even. Though we're not confident in either situation is there a player? A backfield that you are confident in elsewhere well, real quick will run through the the ravens because we gotta lump it. In Of the the not confidence of what's happening Mark Ingram suffered a mid to high ankle sprain a couple of weeks ago we had talked about going into the weekend Gus Edwards was a nice speculative. Add just throw them on your bench and see what happens. We don't have the news yet are Mark Ingram. But he could miss for the for the Baltimore Ravens and you could end up with a timeshare of Gus Edwards Jacob Dobbins and gusts add to me. Dobbins will be in play. But Gus Edwards would be the primary ball carrier and you know that he would see a bunch of opportunity and that's steelers. D. Line is not one. I'm I'm really looking forward to playing. I don't know how much somebody else invest. Yeah. I I. Would I mean I? I might put them in my priority order very cheap but I'm not spending up because I don't know if you are going to get anything out of now Joshua Kelly is compared to these murky backfield's when you're looking for ultimate upset right? Like, Michael Hasty. If you hit, it looks like Jeff Wilson Week Josh were Kelly is the floor week to me if Joshua Kelly's out there look it doesn't look spectacular. But he he had a ton of stamps and he you know has an opportunity he's boring but he's going to take half the snaps and you're not going to get zero from Josh Kelley. You're not going to get a zero. I will say you gotTa be careful with Joshua Kelly because Justin Jackson was banged up during the the practice week you had the scare on Sunday afternoon is is Jesse Jackson even going to play then he got out there. Could, you could have another week of recovery for Justin Jackson and that timeshare could easily flip flop right back into the favor of Jackson. Well, the Nice thing is is we've seen it. We've seen these two out there both healthy two weeks ago Kelly got forty percents of the snaps and that's what he would get in net situation at least so you'd have. Hey a running back at forty percents of the snaps better than taking a shot and is devante Freeman ankle okay. I I agree there. But Man, I'm not sure. It's a floor play but I'm not sure how high that floor is I think I would rather go with a Latavius Murray's type. If he was out there because he's got a floor, you know yet forty seven yards last week I mean it's not great but he always has the the higher touchdown upside end the matchup. The chargers have this week against Denver who has really been just great at shutting down the run I know they had a D. Lineman injured this week. So maybe dangerous things but to this point, they have been one of the most difficult teams to run on. Joshua Kelly hasn't been in the world on fire in good matchup. So I think I would probably look elsewhere. All right now, we gotta get to the main event fellas. My Dude. Starting running back for the new. York jets, Frank Gore La-, Michael P Ryan who played on seventy percent of the snaps I. believe that would make him the starting running back. He was a top twenty guy last week mostly because he had a touchdown fourteen opportunities gets the play against the Kansas City chiefs were allowing one hundred, sixty, three scrimmage yards per game two opposing running backs. Slow- Michael P, Ryan fits you guys in this shoot your shot week at the waivers. You and you know at least he will be on the field I don't know if it's Frank over for me. Yeah I kind of agree. I, mean this last week going running better on the ground this past week. Yeah and this was against a team last week Buffalo. The has been just a sieve on the ground. Let. Me Let me ask Brooks. Brooks in your league where you are completely a snake bit and are you playing against p? Ryan again, This Week Nisar Yeah I'm out P Rhine was eleven for thirty nine and a touchdown to for sixteen through the Air Gore on the ground was eleven for sixty in the same game. So both had eleven carries. Is just came down to that touchdown otherwise piranhas. P Ryan so I'm sorry Mike I'm not in on the my copy Ryan. All right. You're out last week. Yeah you May. Twenty. Guy. Sure Sir Yeah. I didn't start for the week before either Mike you should talk. You really should have I jazz. Great. Yeah. Yeah. If I had next week's box scores right now I would probably. Yeah, Okay. This is a painful waiver week. That's what I'm learning over the course of this show..

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