Donald Trump, Michael Cohen, Congress discussed on Mike McConnell


Trump's longtime at fixer and attorney Michael Cohen has pleaded guilty to lying to congress about the Russia investigation in a new deal with special counsel, Robert Muller. Now, congress says they have questions about testimony from other Trump associates now, the President Trump's former attorney Michael Cohen has pleaded guilty to lying to congress about the Russia investigation. Congressman Adam Schiff says he wants a special counsel to review the testimonies of other Trump. Associate. We believe other witnesses were untruthful before our committee. Cohen had previously told lawmakers that Trump towers Moscow was abandoned in January two thousand sixteen. But now he says that the project continued until June and his new story may conflict with the testimony given by Donald Trump junior. Lana Zak ABC news, Washington. Meantime, President Trump kicks off two days of meetings at the group of twenty nations gathering in Argentina today and his after his decision to cancel the meeting with Russian President, Vladimir Putin, the agenda for the meeting includes a meeting with the leader of Argentina along with the signing of a revamped trade deal with Canada and Mexico. The third of four members of the Wagner family charged with aggravated murder in the killing of eight people from the road and family pleading not guilty in pike county court yesterday, just like her adult sons did earlier in the week forty eight year old Angela Wagner was arraigned on twenty two counts. Like her sons she's being held without bond her husband's arraignment on similar counts is scheduled for Tuesday and pressure from. Congress is now convincing the VA to pay student veterans all of the benefits that their do under the GI Bill that new plan comes one day after VA leaders told congressional staffers. They would not retroactively pay vets who's checks were less than what they were owed because of problems with departments computer system. Republicans and Democrats went after the VA in a house committee hearing yesterday and then late in the afternoon VA Secretary Robert Wilkie said in a statement that student veterans would get all their monthly housing benefits under the forever GI Bill..

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