Senator John Mccain, WGN, ABC discussed on After Hours with Rick Kogan


O'clock on the dot in here with the news Roger badesch we have some widely scattered, showers throughout portions of our immediate Chicago area not causing. Any issues as of right now audio error it's mostly cloudy. Eighty, six, degrees screaming resident managed to. Scare a burglar near the United Center early this. Morning suspect broke in through a bread room window about two. In the, morning happened in the nineteen hundred block of west maple avenue suspect took off after hearing the screams no one. Was hurt WGN's Eric wrong police. Are worn Any people to keep the. Area around. Your home. Well lit report suspicious. Activity, immediately, keep. Doors and windows locked and repair any broken windows doors or lots as soon as, possible WGN TV's ERC rung reporting it was the final journey for Senator John McCain, on Sunday the man who served his country and war and, in congress laid to rest hundreds came out for a hero sendoff ABC's Kenneth moten one final salute, to the legendary Senator the procession taking John McCain to his final resting place at the US Naval Academy people waving American flags, lined the. Streets attribute to. A patriot let's ABC's, kind of moten snapped tree branch branches rather and dented. Cars are just some of the damage left from microbursts that hit the northwest side yesterday, national weather service confirms that it hit the Belmont heights. Neighborhood sudden downward burst of wind surprise residents like Mike package. I, saw, the. Rain coming down Straight down and a lot of and then all of. A sudden it just turned sideways And the race for governor in, Illinois may be, one of, the most important. Voters will consider for a lot. Of reasons university of Illinois political scientist Christopher, Mooney shared some of them on this morning, Sunday spend program is we'll have a basically a third say in in the redistricting process it's going to go. On and and set up new congressional, legislative districts for the decade of the twenty, twenties and that means that if the gift the Republicans Win. This one then they, will have to sit at the table..

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