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Two degrees Fahrenheit above the temperatures globally than we were in the nineteenth century. And unfortunately, where we're headed to even woman temperatures, and that has impacts across a whole suite of different important metrics coastal flooding sea level rise, I smell water resources. Even Dr forest fires. We've asked this question before. But it's worth asking. Again. You just rattled off all of those things that are bad. But two degrees doesn't sound like a lot. But what does two degrees all over the place mean, especially if he goes, well, that's that's a that's a great. That's a great question. Putting in context when we had the last ice age, which is about twenty thousand years ago, the global temperature only about eight to nine degrees Fahrenheit colder than is. Now, what we're projecting in the worst case. Scenario for the end of this century is eight to nine degrees in the other direction. Right. So we're talking about a totally different planet. Now, you know that there are the naysayers who will say for example today in L A, it's cold it's cold what about global warming. And I believe that wasn't a Mike the other week when there was the what was it the polar vortex in parts of the country and President Trump said global warming comeback. We need you to go. So so how do you respond to those people who say, I don't get it? It's cold today. Yeah. So you know, that's weather mostly those people are just rolling. So it's not really a tarbey serious questions. But there are serious issues there if you look back at a temperatures in the nineteenth century, and you and you compare, you know, January temperatures then to January temperatures now it's like January his move too much. Right. So we still gets cold in much, but he isn't is coldest Januarys used to get. And and that's what we've seen a across the world, you know, things that used to be normal and now much rarer, particularly like these these kind of cold air brakes that we saw the.

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