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There was a four under investigation underway by it's so sad i mean i don't even know the i don't have any other words to use marines killed in a line of duty not fighting an enemy but just because of his plane crash share i want to commend jabbar washington who has been freed after 21 years in prison for his wrongful conviction forty three years old this man has spent twenty one years in prison he was convicted of 1997 prosecutors said they're office improperly withheld information and allowed a mistaken impression that a wounded eyewitness implicated there this is one of dozens of cases involving detective lewis score sella who has denied wrongdoing but it just so happens a lot of these people that are wrongfully convicted there were all arrested by lewis carcelle this is the twentythird conviction that the brooklyn the as office has disavowed in the last green half years so now jabbar washington prosecutors stopped short of saying they believe he's innocent in the crime aleppo one person killed five of his injured but they conceded that washington's trial was unfair and agreed to drop the case saying they can't retry it now because an eyewitness died in two thousand six show is is a a quiet the ron kuby at kuby called the case a reflection of institutional failure by the criminal justice system in brooklyn in brooklyn zone and ngo so i want to commend not only jabbar washington but all friend ron kuby i want to commend lou zhao bo liu xiaobo a much sure if i'm pronouncing that name correctly in fact undoubtedly certain that i am not pronouncing it correctly but liu xiaobo died this he was shot the a winner of the nobel peace prize he was a chinese dissident an incredible critic of the human rights abuses of china china is a horrible country to live in if you like free and lucille ball was someone that up until the day he died of liver cancer last thursday was a crusader for freedom in china something that is lacking in this communist dictatorship this man mr liu is someone to be admired he was very persistent in his calls for freedom and he is being described as someone who belongs in the same category of any of the political president you eat died in prison even with liberty hit.

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