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For making sure someone is wearing the mask. Will enforce some of these difficult, but that's why you just I think you have to do it as a your civic duty. You know it's hard to enforce people keeping their dogs on a leash, but everybody doesn't because that's the rule Canadians rule forwards, and that's good, and the two percent of people don't follow the rules well. We have to live with that, but you know. I've stepped for many many months down. We're not GONNA police our way out of this. We're going to get over to this by having clear direction by coming together in with as a society and I think ninety nine percent of people are willing to do that if they know what to do. Let. Let's talk about the issue I talked about up the top there, and that is the growing number of cases Ontario farms in particular with the with the temporary workers, and now the provinces decision to say that workers has positive, but are asymptomatic can continue working in this has exposed how vulnerable certainly these migrant workers are. What should be done better though to protect them? Well, again, on -Tario is a puzzling. You're a public health response in money ways, and this is just another example. We knew that migrant workers were a high risk group. It's almost if you wanted to dream up way of impacting people, you say let's have people do manual labor in close proximity and a hot indoor space agree now you can imagine a better way to to spread illness, and then put them in night at night in dormitories together, so it's a perfect storm for disease spreads, so we had to address the underlying conditions. British Columbia British Columbia. Put a lot of workers in hotels. Make sure make sure no one was infected. They don't have a problem. That Ontario has once again. It's Ontario not doing any planning. Not being not looking forward being talked, we'll just being reactive. Once there's a disaster and there's a disaster. There's hundreds of migrant workers who have been infected and full died already. It's just it's horrible public. Public Policy. What do you think that is? Though because there was fifty million dollars put on the table by the federal government to help with that very thing to help quarantine migrant workers when they got into the country, so I mean maybe British Columbia had to add money to the program to protect people, but there were certainly money available. So so, where is the is the problem there? I don't think the money was a problem I. think the it was having rules enforcing them which British Columbia did and Terro. Didn't it's. It always comes back to the same thing. Have Clear Messaging have follow up. Make sure people follow the rules and we. We know how to limit the spread of this disease. It's not. Rocket Science Infectious Disease We know how to stop this from spreading and the last thing we should be doing is creating conditions to facilitate. Well. You you write today about the outbreak in Kingston stemming from a nail salon. Now now I think there's twenty seven confirmed cases and hundreds who have been asked to quarantine, and in that case you have you see lots of positive signs of things. Don't tell me how you evaluated. What happened there? I think that's an example of we're going to have. This is the new normal for Canada for the months. Maybe years common is these little outbreaks linked to Nails too long. We have one in Vancouver in a strip club. Calgary. There's a condo breaks. We're GONNA..

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