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I just i hated this this signing two it doesn't make any sense to me one day they're talking about oh yeah derrick and we're going to get him involved in the passing game and then they get dion lewis and they didn't give him that much money if i recall seeing lewis yeah they did it's not a ton but it was still alarming amount i think technically a top ten highest paid running back but there's a drop off somewhere in the top five or six running backs that makes it a nice deal not necessarily extravagant for years twenty million eleven and a half guaranteed guarantees a little bit high if he actually plays through the four years i don't know i just i want him to be very relevant we want or i want him to be very relevant like i don't want him to be in the middle because there's no way that he's going to be henry's healthy there's no way the on lewis is going to be the goal line guy in my opinion so what is best case scenario he needs to be total yardage game or somehow score a touchdown you're never gonna know when to start him it's going to be very annoying if he's relevant all right dave julio jones three frigging touchdowns last year give me some more that's how i worded it to dan quinn was really three touchdowns let's he needs to get a little bit more i was a little more eloquent than that and quinn admitted that it's something that they have to work on but more born lee and this is something that i guess i should have realized on my own julio's healthy this off season and last season he wasn't he didn't participate in training camp didn't participate not as a quinn told a quick story about how he had to keep telling steve sarkissian.

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