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What happened, of course, once he it's exceeded. That was we had the Royal Navy going around the world and Africans labels destroying those rules, the British navy that in so many universities would have only been seen in negative terms as a tool to in history, performed an incredibly important moral function. And yes, I'm not for the worst possible. I history to be swept under. It'll be taught untold. Honestly, the good and the bad tool. Honestly, we learned from the things we got. Right. We learned from the things we got wrong. But if we don't understand either we're right? Where we're at in wishing society. Now it seems to me unable to locate where we are. Because we don't know where it would come from unable to identify how to strike out in the right direction yet. And I think we out children better. I think they looking for. I'll have four children. And I now have grandchildren children in law, which is wonderful. I'm looking to their future. I've had a wonderful life in a free society. That's giving me great opportunity, I've desperately how much older grandchildren will enjoy the sign, given the fractious, given the challenges internal, and external actually confronting Australia. And let's face it, your country is will what qualities of leadership that everyone's crying out for leadership. Going to be needed in your view. That besides three things one would be conviction. I think we desperately short of leaders who absolutely no particular, right? Absolutely no. What they stand for. I've been in Australia. I've been talking to the center for independent studies about my Thatcher. There's someone you always knew where she stood for. She wanted to release the potential of the British people again, which have been suppressed, I think by union and government power misuse of that power. The second thing was. Pragmatism, she displayed a pragmatist them much of Britain was left untouched by her. She didn't reform universities. You didn't reform the national health service, she basically touched the welfare state, she knew that there were certain of battles. She had to win because they were urging I'm pressing the battle against the unions. The battle against Russia. The evil empire to unions them was the code will she needs to win the battle of nuclear deterrence station, nuclear weapons, and Britain and the third quality conviction pragmatism, but courage charge courage because there is, there are plenty of people in Britain. The plenty of people politics shared misses that GE's beliefs and outlook but were they willing to fight for it were they willing to put up with the flack, that, that she took I partly, I think, one of the reasons why she was so strong and had. So much courage, which she was still a man's world to a large extent now but the nineteen seventies, she emerged throughs to become Britain's first female prime minister, we're much more sexist much misogynistic than anything is true now and she had to fight to get to the to get to the top, and she had to fight to stay at the top, and I think that grit that determination allied in conviction meant that she was able to achieve victories. That many people before her tried to fight but Rene to win. I was amazingly encouraged here Jordan Peterson site, too young strenuous that when night sold themselves out, they should go out and be as noble as they can be. And set themselves. Hi, BAAs and strive to meet them. We need leaders of that sort of character. Now, I'm certain that there are people who prepared to pick up that challenge we just need to make certain. We give them the nourishment and the encouragement they need to do so. Absolutely. I, I really haven't admire of trying to do here in these conversations, and as one contribution to just helping people along that path. I think these are great. These are great works, and my favorite film is. It's a wonderful life usually show Christmas. I don't know whether you're a fan as well, but that whole idea running through that film that. Often. No, the, the little things that we do in life, the encouragements that we give to young people neighbors. They may not look like they match at the time. But if we had the advantage of angel Clarence to show us what our life. Contributed to I think it might well be the little things that we did mattered most. And I think encouraging the young emboldening the young encouraging the young to really strikeout for their ideals and beliefs, not much not many more important to us than that, as long as we're almost until him is not going to be easy. This thing that you here at school speech Nolato. Nolato inside all the time. You're gonna have you needed to you can do it all. It's not true. It's not true. You actually have to make tough choices. And if you want to make a difference, you've got to be prepared to put a lot of

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