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We have the strongest economy by far the world trade relationship the world of politics the world is John the market as from a few days for Greg said we want certainty in the markets we want certainty in our trading relationships inspiration is trying to create a new device Bloomberg radio China signals a possible deal to roll back terrace in stages the quid pro quo may have been about more than just payments Ukraine and women take center stage in corporate America at a big event today in New York welcome to the second hour of balance of power the women's forum of New York held its breakfast of corporate champions this morning in New York honoring three hundred twenty three companies with at least thirty percent women on their boards but one company and its CEO was singled out with the Muriel Siebert leadership award the winners American water CEO Susan story and I'm pleased to say she still with us so thank you for staying with us here Susan explain to me exactly what this initiative is and why did you and your company with this award so the corporate champions breakfast was started in two thousand eleven Magennis Alec and the purpose was to promote women in the board room so at that time the average to percent of women in the board room was less than fifteen percent so they set a goal to recognize companies fortune one thousand R. S. and P. five hundred with at least twenty percent this year it was thirty percent and above so how may what is the overall percentage of women on boards you said was fifteen percent where is it now so for all companies it was twenty three and a half twenty three half so that's up from fifteen absolutely so that's real progress it is it is but it's not making that thirty percent bar exactly and so today we recognize three hundred twenty three companies that were thirty percent or above ninety one of those were forty percent female a representation above in twenty six were fifty percent or above or had actually achieve gender parity it is a thirty percent is at the risk of becoming a ceilings with floor it is and that's interesting is that what we've got three women or we have thirty percent so Hey if it was a joke at the breakfast this morning is a mathematician said you know I don't really think thirty percent is parity so it's looking at making sure if women constitute fifty percent of customers fifty percent of the population should we have fifty percent on board Susan do you see that percentage of women on the board as it goes up have affected the C. suite I mean you don't know probably C. suite obviously your what is your view of I believe a CFO whose female you don't see that will probably she's with but overall are you seeing any movement in the C. suite you know we are but it is slower and David that is a great recognition so I think we're making more progress on boards and no we are then we are in the C. suite just look at CEOs if you look at the S. and P. five hundred only twenty six of the CEOs are female in the fortune five hundred thirty seven are female so that is far less percent than the one out of every four women that are on corporate boards one thing Susan we hear time and again is that actually if you look at the performance of companies the.

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