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The pilot of of a lara's flight a t c dot com reports the a little before one thirty today of a laris airbus a three twenty from mexico city attempted to land on the wrong runway at the airport the lara's flight eight eighty supposed the land on runway thirteen left instead it lined up for thirteen right about the same time delta connection flight operated by republic airline was clear to take off from thirteen right oh the pilot of delta connection 43 one was heard on air traffic control audio saying and looks like there's the plane on final an air traffic controller responded as you heard yeah cnn canceled take off please meantime another atc spot of a larry's aid etienne one the pilot of the plane was about to land on the wrong one way and will laris the plane made a left turn it veered across the airport before landing the faa said it is aware of the incident and said controllers issued a go around so far tonight no comment from the two airlines involved 18yearold student in custody tonight after what police are describing as a brazen attack in the stairwell of a school which houses multiple schools new union square in west reporter carol d'auria tonight the police say the rape occurred in a stairwell between the third and fourth floors in the grammercy arch high school on irving place the victim is sixteen years old the alleged rapist he's eighteen the police say they charge your von martin with first degree rate this student called the attack disgusting stuff like this happen at all more especially in an environment where is to learn mouth for you beilin things which should have begun at all in general he and other students were angry that school officials had notified anyone about the attack most students had to learn about it from use reporters carol d'auria tinton wins on east 16 street nypd officer shot a man to death today at an apartment in mock haven cops went to serve as sorts water 230 brooke avenue when they got there they say they went to an apartment on the third floor and headed to a back room for patrol tara's monaghan says they ran into two men one of them allegedly coming up with a machete boarded the subject to drop the weapon and he refused to comply as.

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