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The Greek theater here in Los Angeles for the LGBT center gala where lily Tomlin Jane Fonda well. yeah we'll post that. creepy creepy we were not in the post not really yes that's a great thing in contrast yes if you're here in LA come out yeah Jane Fonda Kathy Griffin lily Tomlin Bristol lunch all right a cavalcade of stars to benefit the LGBT center which does so much great work here in Los Angeles if it was ever done are happy our podcast is going to be there anyone who's ever been on our podcasts will be there but I will be a wood will be walking the red carpet so that there will be some people progress has no idea who it is and what they want yeah for anybody yes because I am as someone pointed out trees a pointed this out hang on love all of you in your shenanigans I was out there I use the one crap let sack of crap song without my telephone rep for name was DVD company the other day you are the answer to so many of life's little problems yes I think all the Stephanie Miller show has what I need to get to these hard times are best used with box wine yes. seventy. thanks. okay. all right in thinking whoever did this very disturbing. gifts of okay gravy yeah right. okay yeah so I choose to be happy crappy we were talking yesterday about the New York state case you know for I getting his taxes and also that there is no rule that they can indict a sitting president there's no right if the and and the interesting thing so if they are successful in getting the click obtaining the tax returns they would be covered by a grand jury secrecy rules I mean they would not become public unless they reuse is evidence in a criminal case and the fact that they just went to interview Michael Colin tells me that they are getting ready for a criminal case they got the goods because Michael Cohen who you remember that testimony he has all the goods on. bank fraud wire fraud insurance five right I mean it's an indicted co conspirator number one at this point I don't care how we can either be the most truth truthful guy the bunch I know I know who says who knew I am of the improv yes and crowd yes impeach yes and indict him yes AM vote him out yes whatever we have to dissent yes to bubble gum on this story trust poll numbers so bad the RNC is hiding them from local candidates the critical voters scores their sophisticated you know analytics etcetera have disappeared since from selection the lack of data leads Republican candidates in the dark about how their districts feel about trump I am guessing all the one Republicans are retiring though obviously have their own data that shows how things are good yeah they're being withheld to prevent Republican candidates from publicly distancing themselves from the president or leaking unfavorable results that embarrassed trump former RNC chair Michael Steele said the party's hurting its own candidates to protect from from Vera Smith I've said it he's going to take this whole party down with them and good Kim Jong trump yeah but seventy the real question is do you like Hispanics better or your radio show. referring to New Mexico that you like America restraining. I can't he says so many things really like him do you like porn stars are melodious on better which would you like. is a fun game. this fall the disease when he trails Biden was Sanders Warren Heris Booker annually in Castro in Texas. not good went wonderfully because he's not really responding to the to the shootings in Odessa there yeah it's just kind of blowing over and I think people of of had enough yeah as you say that's a that's an issue that's pulling very high this is a background checks and now in the banding they're gonna sing the better allow weapons and he's going to better this morning about big begun dancing the bed is the reason we can't make a deal on a fifty why even though Mitch McConnell won't bring up a vote they won't actually see what they want to do in the White House. and it went wrong. a black long in Kentucky I love it. the band is sorry which had to say something my little sis polling matter though like the idea of by the by tax yes yeah that's getting majority support us yes it worked in Australia yeah okay speaking twenty twenty how fun is the Vanity Fair article. because some bouncy music is Mike pence in danger of getting bounced from twenty.

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