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Call Pallomari now and get some solar panels up on your roof and start saving money now before the high summer electric bills dot com and make sure per panel monitoring is in the contract. If you go with anyone else, but as it Amar solar everyone gets per panel monitor seven zero five zero four zero three eight eight seven six zero five zero four zero three eight eight or pal Amar solar dot com. Business needs fast, secure networks to be efficient and profitable detail can help you keeping your data's secure your business. Safe and connected. We've been helping San Diego businesses since nineteen Eighty-three detail can provide experts solutions for networks voice over IP, wireless and video security. We can help you make the right choices for your business. Call detail at eight five eight five seven one thirty one hundred whether you networking four or four hundred systems. We have the solutions the answers and knowledge to make it happen. We have expert IT consultants have experienced in helping local business, schools state and governor. With expert solutions such as voice over IP systems Francisco WI fi and secure professional video surveillance solutions using top quality components detail is here thirty five years strong. We have the experience to do it. Right. And we would love the opportunity to help you and provide you with the right solutions. Give us a call and talk to corporate sales consultants today. Eight five eight five seven one thirty one hundred emails at business at details dot com. D A T E L S Y S dot com. When is the last time, you formerly reviewed your retirement portfolio? Are you having conversations about social security taxes health care and Medicare these things can make a profound difference on how far your money going retirement? Joel Anderson here certified financial planner and host of your money, your wealth, right here on seven sixty F and B I want you to take advantage of our complimentary assessment. This customize face to face meeting will teach you how to protect everything you've worked so hard to build. Call eight eight eight nine nine four six two five seven that's eight eight eight nine nine four sixty to fifty seven. Choosing the right window treatments. For your living. Space is serious.

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