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Zero five nine beverley colin powell saying you break it you own it and we have owned iraq for years and years and years and years now and still use know it was functioning fairly well and right now eight some it's functioning i would say fairly well by but the country is a mess and and it is a wreck as get to all your calls you're thanks a grace getting it all a loaded up here two three two five two nine one one seven downstate eight three nine one five nine zero thing to consider is how far would china get involved and now at does it mean we're going to have the sort of proxy war between north and south korea and the folks in seoul would pay the price as well scott to henry in wilmington hey henry trickier on a good northbound local thank you all it made me at all is the typical trump the non inc e e uh i don't want pay anything but like i got a live in the moment the there or or they don't think all word about what it all the cold war hilton it it it you have in nuclear war an oral actor but oil it will be a world war it will add our hill of art rant it hitting back it on a war and people a bomb bomb rush all won't go but we have even more by equity because we're in bed embedded in all our by and bit matter i i don't know why do you think rushing would get ar over it been it's been talked about in on on a new not work with trump fake being but they have albany back or or they work together though weapon and technology although tonga panel it added no we'll light ally and they had no one be one or whoever pays the bill technology in american not antichina any money so the temple fact that broke out of the party the air right and we already been day so we're gonna fight war say i i suspect that putin would sit back and and just wait for whatever opportunity ah he would have in this i doubt he would actually be supporting north korea when you have china supporting north korea i suppose he would sit back like gozon carrion bird.

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