Tex Watson, Linda Kasabian, Susan Atkins discussed on Cherry Avenue True Crime Podcast


She was only Twenty-One and already a mother of two. She had only been with the family about a month before the murders the prosecution give her a tentative offer of immunity if she would say on the stand and tell everything that she knew God by this time Susan Atkins had withdrew her previous testimony and denied everything she said before so there was no one from inside the group testifying against Charlie or the others. Linda Kasabian testified to being eyewitness to two of the murders. She said that she and three of the others had just climbed over the fence of the house on Cielo drive when Tex Watson shot a man in a car who was driving out of the driveway. She stayed outside and the rest went into the house. She heard screams coming from inside the house and saw people running out. She stated that was all unbelievably horribly terrible. She saw Watson stabbing one man on the lawn near the house. She also saw Patricia krenwinkel with a knife chasing a woman across the lawn Kasabian change when shown a photo of Stephen parent the teenager who had been shot in his car Kasabian said he had begged not to be hurt..

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