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Len Berman and Michael Riedel in the morning seven ten w o are ready for takeoff on Wednesday. So we're getting snow or not you'll barley. You're you're talking to Ray Stagich all morning long on your early show. I mean are we getting a snowstorm or not Friday? Yes. The Saturday into Sunday just the most it's going to be rain. What do you mean Friday? Yes. Friday, there will be snow here. Yes. Okay. How much we can? I think he's said one to three really, okay? One to three inches that'll cripple the city. Get the salt trucks. Right now. Hey. Good you good Michael Reno. I'm alright. I'm alright everything. Okay. Joe barley, you good. I'm fine length. Thanks is a little annoyed you from yesterday. My wife said his is show, Mattie, you I said, I don't care. A are a big stories today. He doesn't. Started sensitivity of working with your job is pronounced by David. I busted up for only slurred it, man. They're mispronouncing the borrower is like the president with his tweets. Call the hamburgers have boroughs. Look if I got ninety percent of it. Correct. It's good Berman. We expect we expect one hundred percent from ace newsman. Here are big three stories the sporting, which you believe the L train repair plan can still be derailed. Unbelievable. The NPA doesn't MTA doesn't seem to like this plan. NPA? A record. Host would be very precise in his pronunciation. Recorded and played fifteen times during the morning. See how about for four hours shows off? Guess his thirty seven excuse. Hey, what a best there? And as the governor announced his congestion pricing. It's going to happen in two thousand twenty one. Stay tuned. He had a state of the state address against it. Because he wants his millionaires. Also, big three Hayes everyone excited by this. I'm filing Tori committee of the United States. New York Senator Kirsten gillibrand running for president who isn't rounding out the big three that vicious sheep said bay restaurant hammer attack a one dead to critically injured. This guy was nuts. I mean, the bottom line was there. Taking him for psychiatric evaluation. You think? Yeah. I walks into a restaurant with a hammer and knocks on some people's, and we know if he had any relationship to anybody in the restaurant, but only attack people who work there. I don't know. He did not saying much about this guy in terrible and at eight thirty we are giving away tickets for the..

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