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Running of the Indianapolis 500 Sunday at 11 Eastern on Lee on NBC. So I mentioned what happened last night. Bucks Heat Suns Lakers Nuggets Blazers That'll be coming up Some phone calls here. Let me start with Jeff in Detroit. Good morning, Jeff. What up, though once off a chat roll what's happening, fellas? Listen, Dan, as you were talking about the next first of all shot out to Marvin. I love the beginning of the show. But you guys were talking about that. Nick's And I'm wondering what would a hard core New York fan like which either who follows you on Peacock? Which one would he want purse? The NBA championship for the Knicks or the Jets to win a Super Bowl. I'm going to guess Jets, but I don't know, but thank you. Thank you, Jeff. I mean, I'm I don't know. I'm gonna guess. Rich being a lifelong Jets fan. 73 the last time for the next 69 for the Jets. So maybe the Jets, I think Rich would be happy if they just settle on a really good quarterback like we just had a good quarterback. How about a wild card appearance by the Jets? Don't wanna get too greedy here. Rick in Florida joins us, Rick Thanks for holding what he have for me. Well, I looked into the discussion about Russell Will Westbrook in the popcorn. And I think I think it will broader scope than that. I think that That Overall society. People talk trash more than they used to. You see the street you could be a principal of the some of yelling the similar things or This is rude, and I think that because it happened to someone that's his public is a brussel, which shouldn't happen. Way kind of get my Opie can focus on. This is a sports problem. This is the sports and fans problem, But really, it's not. It's ah, it's overall societal problem. How we address each other. All right. Well, thank you, Rick. And you're probably accurate. You know, I try to keep it in the sports world, But yeah, probably. So. Yes, he did. You know, you can sort of spend your entire day if you choose to, um Virtually pouring popcorn, another people via social media, You know, it's really easy to dump popcorn and say crappy things to each other Social media then occasionally that seems to be Bleeding over into real life. More and more a little bit. Yeah, I think that Zoe Great point with Social Media Ryan in Maryland. Hey, Ryan, what's on your mind today? What was going on there. I'm still laughing at the intro by guys with the next but yeah, I was called him really to speak on the Russell Westbrook situation. You know, you guys hit it right on the head of farce. Social media again. I wouldn't be a celebrity on social media due to on the type of person that just have to say some of the back. I gotta do something back. So it's like, you know, I don't understand why big time celebrities even have social media. But with the watch Westbrook situation is just saddens me that people that still Doing this kind of stuff, and I remember after that run our tests incident when they went into the stands about Holly was talking about They might. You know, fans, they're not going to be satisfied until they bring basketball back toe with fans were like in in, like some type of cages like over the stands and whatnot. So I mean, maybe that's what they might have to do. But I really don't know if this is still going on. I mean, I don't know nowhere other way for it to stop, then other than that, or not left fans of the game's gonna have fans in there because of you know the revenue here and they used to have Cage. Back in the old days with the MBA. I think 40. They were called Cagers basketball player was called a cagier, but they had a cage. That you played in. I don't know if you can find some documentation on that makes absolutely immediately pull up an image. It's a got people crowding around a metal cage watching basketball. Yeah, Yeah, yeah. And you were known as a cage. Er, that was a good cager. Michael Cage. Former l A Clipper pretty eighties Reference. Yeah. Lot of people out there going. Yeah, I'm Michael Cage. All right. Great. He's tried driving his car going. What the hell? Oh, wow. Not even know. Younger people know Nicholas case, little Michael Caine? No. They know Nicolas Cage has anybody produced more movies that goes straight to video than Nicolas Cage. Because sometimes you go through the titles like you'll go to Netflix streaming service and you go. Where did he put out this move? Wait. Where did he put out family? They were probably five movies that I came across last week. Not trying to buy the way be Nicolas Cage, and I went Has he been in more movies than Morgan Freeman? Happily. I've got the last 10 years of Nicolas Cage's career, right? Inconceivable. Mom and Dad. That's the name of the movie. Yeah. Okay. Think conceivable that done up, Okay? They're all movies. Okay? The past five years, okay? The humanity Bureau. No. Mandy. Tremendous movie, So I'm not kidding. Mandy was awesome. Azahar movie, right? Yeah, it's a harm. It was phenomenal. What's not okay. Great movie looking glass. Between worlds. Score to settle. Color out of space running with the devil Kill chain Pribyl Primal, a Grand isle. Prisoners of the ghost land. Will he's Wonderland That's all in the past five years. I never sleeps, but I think he has to make all these movies because then the by castles that was that his bankruptcy is the best thing in the world. It's like a lottery winner. He's got, like, seven castles and three islands and, you know, 5000 sword collection, like all that sign is I'm broke. I got in a couple ex wives to Johnny, that's like that guy's got to get its financing. Yeah. Johnny Deb. Johnny Depp. Would you blow it on castles and swords or wine and women villas? I guess. Yeah, I probably do. I I don't know. I think given how much money they have, you could probably blow it on on the above fair, but the number of movie Johnny Depp's not doing movies where you go. You did that movie Nicolas Cage is doing movies where you go. It's like He's the Steven Seagal is the action hero of Nicolas Cage. Thank you. Just go. What He did that movie? Yeah, my club I ever heard a conversation where they might have been the backroom guys about whether the movie face off where he switch faces with John Travolta. Whether there was any realistic n'est that on some guy was a Yeah, I could see that happening. The number of people whenever I joke about face off, and they say, always great movie, I go. No, it wasn't. Oh, are you kidding me? Face off! Great. Go! Hand. What is great anymore? Give that's great. Like what Citizen Kane.

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