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Like, I wasn't like I know way melts pathetic for them for getting involved in this mess now in the blue one the guy is even more explicit about them being not innocent about them knowing or knowing as much as everyone else that I mean, you have what was really funny as you have a lot of the employee's that working on that app being like waited note, what was going on. And it's like did you not like did you not? There's a lot of like, I didn't know it seems like a lot of people trying to get ahead of something or just trying to protect their own images. Yeah. But that's why that's why the interview the Billy interview. And the Hulu one is so important because it really does like all you do is like see him answer some questions and in that lakes. You don't quite get that and Hulu he kind of you see his brain the way that his brain kind of works, which is like in the same because he's a total sociopath. In sane. So that's Andy icon. Let's play that clip again. And I got to his office fully prepared to talk his deck. Next call. I who weekly Keri hilson, what was going on with her is she round still does she what like is. She she lies is she making me sick. I was listening to that song. Oh, God the knock you down. Sometimes I come around. And I was like we're curious and she just pretty big for a while. Anyway, just wondering if you knew where she has okay. Could buy. I mean, she's like doing stuff, but Keri hilson is like most famous for insulting beyond saying. Then like never getting over that people. Never let her live that down. All you know, how much you love pretty go rock pretty go rock. Carry on sell. It's a good song. I would say she's most famous for the way. Our right Cher. She's gotta be. That's gotta be big. She high heard on it. Really good feature. She had a moment. She was riding high. She said some weird shit about beyond say like unnecessary dealers. And then immediately got just get sent to the moon is gone. Never contacted a verse on the pretty go rock remix. It was a huge song. It went to like number one. I think at least we're going to get also the diverse on. He did a verse on them a knock you down to. So where is Keri hilson? Now, she's on tour. She hasn't had an album though, since two thousand ten so she keeps me like there's music there's music, I think she went through some rough depression stuff, which like, obviously, if you're being bullied by like, thousands of Beyonce fans is like could happen to you. She Dade and said in an interview that like wind she took a hiatus. She expected to be gone for a year. She was gone six. Yeah. Like taking care of herself took Agar than she expected. And so but cheap, but what my favorite thing about. What she's been up to recently is that she was in a lifetime movie in two thousand seventeen last year two years ago when my God love by the tenth date. You know who else was in this this lifetime? Let me let me read you read the whole thing. It's likely read the whole thing. It's soka. Gabby Meghan good. Nell, Kelly, Stuart Billy Keri hilson and Margot Kelly Rowland. Mallon's? They're dating adventures alongside their career aspirations only got ambitions at an upscale digital magazine in Los Angeles under the watchful eye of their editor Maureen played by cats. Dealey inspired by the sites relationship column to find the one Gabby and Nell embark on their own journeys toward the elusive tenth date the dating world holy grail. When it comes to commitment. Okay. Meanwhile, Billy, find yourself at a major crossroads in her marriage.

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