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Of from Smud. Thank you so much for your time this afternoon. Thanks, Daddy. Take care. Yes, you two for 20 now and kfbk, and we'll talk more about the traffic and weather right now. We'll head over to Dana has. Did you tell her? The check is in the mail. I I'm covering all your bills, situations That sure looks like it could keep me busy Broad you might use along downtown of displayed eastbound gaps that he really heavy through Midtown. After that, the traffic build up really disappears. But it's gonna be about nine minutes. All in all, from 50 to 80 once you get to 82 split Rose bills nine minutes as well. 11 minutes out to l groves. How about high fiving about to 13 on 99 with the heaviest traffic being between a Mac and Sheldon Going to Folsom was 18 minute journey for you. 16 minutes downtown of Woodland North, Bound by five to Main Street and out to Mace Boulevard downtown and Davis, nine minutes Westbound 80 and again. A slowdown starts right after north bound 1 13 and goes about Childs Road and the safety of all those grieving A loss remains a top priority these lines during this time, they continued. Served the community by accommodating services held outdoors. Learn more at east lawn dot com. Traffic on the tens, every 10 minutes mornings and afternoons. Dana has news 93.1 kfbk. Wind warning in effect from midnight tonight through noon tomorrow in a flash flood Watch in effect through late Thursday afternoon. Cool with rain tonight becoming heavy winds gusting past 50 MPH. We'll see a low 41 to 45 tomorrow with the cloud cover, windy and cool with occasional rain. Tomorrow's high 51 to 55.

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