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I once had you know, I used to have a prototype for hand size height arm length all that stuff. We're looking for guys that can play and do a lot of different things, and they come in all shapes and sizes nowadays. Live this way. But if he really was interested in somebody like Murray when he announced it to everybody. I mean, it's a weird time right here because you're a few months before the draft mean if you really liked him. I don't know there's any number of ways you could play it. You know, you could be talking him up. You could be talking them down. You could be saying nothing, you know, every coach has a different philosophy on, you know, speaking publicly on these traff candidates leading into the draft. I I really don't know. What is what is mindset is? But I do believe I'll take him at face value. I think he's right. And he has looked at breeze, and he has looked to Russell Wilson. And he sees Cuyler Murray is and he knows that height is not necessarily the end all be all and the and the impact of these young athletic quarterbacks and how well they throw the ball and control. It has changed. The thinking of a lot of offensive coach is not just gruden's. Here's where cargo gets upset. I thought that they were getting personally said you can say whatever you want about my performance. I understand that. But when you start talking about a man's character and want to and desire. That's a different story. And he also says he's never met Kellerman are Stephen a Smith. So that's let's do we have the audio. Who do you want to play? I we have car. Let's hear from. Let's hear from max Kellerman. Let's hear Kellerman comments on car. Yes. Yeah. You can see just like, you know, different players get called out for taking place off. You can see where a quarterback don't want it. You know? Want it and? I think Gruden knows they got to move on. And the question is can they get anything for him? Is he a placeholder until they find the next guy? How long will it take the develop the next guy and Cuyler Murray if you could grab them in the draft hell, yeah. All right. Let's see that was max, and let's hear Derrick Derrick's response to that. The desire and want to. Talk to me and land life never worked out with me. It's never woke up early with me to study to go and play hurt and all these kind of things. And so, you know, you can say whatever you want about performance and all that that's his job. And I understand that. But when you start talking about a man's character wanted to desire, that's just a different story. And I don't think there's anybody holding these guys accountable when they go off on those pants, and so I'm just someone that loves the truth. I got love for the same time. I mean, you can't be held accountable when you just completely wrong about someone's desire or want to. I love I love our team. And I've never done anything. But give a city. Our mother Bess. All right now here comes Kellerman. It's not we who count. It's the players who cap. It's you. Who counts you're the quarterback of the at the moment. Oakland Raiders that's tremendous to make thirty million dollars a year. Now, I understand you wouldn't be mad. If I said, you're the twenty seven th ranked quarterback, according to QB are the most sophisticated quickest ranking system, that's not very good. It's not exactly earning the money, but you wouldn't bother you. What bothers you is that you thought that I was saying something about insight into what you were feeling at the moment. Dude. If I see a guy looks scared in the moment like he doesn't want contact. I infer from that that he didn't want it that goes for you that goes for everyone in different moments in time. It doesn't mean you are a quitter or you are a scared player or you haven't been great in the past won't be great again. But it's not gonna stop me from saying what I think that is my job say. Say Stephen Moore, Stephen h chimed in on the car Kellerman deals. Well today, I take now. Let me also explain something to you that max did not take the liberty of explaining to you, Mr. Derek coughed. Whether it's your brother at the NFL network who probably doesn't talk about you. And that's the right thing for him to do all the NFL aficionados NFL network, FOX NBC CBS, ESPN, whatever the case may be who the hell his applauded the Oakland.

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