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City Council, Mitch O'farrell, Chris discussed on John and Ken


City council has moved to bump up the fine for personal protective equipment littering councilman Bob Luman fields as people are talking as I gloves and masks because they might be contaminated this littering is not only disrespectful of others it is dangerous to others especially the workers who end up cleaning up a contaminated item councilman Mitch o'farrell says he sees the litter all over the place it also unfortunately speaks to a really it's collective collective lack of respect for one another in public councils ask for an increase in the fine to two hundred fifty dollars per infraction the higher fines will be in place until the end of the pandemic Chris and Carla okay fine you a large covered nineteen test site has opened a Dodger Stadium officials say can handle up to six thousand people a day which is three times the number of people in any other testing site in the city LA mayor Garcetti announced the site we're excited to do this because this builds on the work we've been doing for the.

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