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That man who love Number one number three number three already was that number two. And i'm reading the same shoot. Let me go back. Let me go back where we are. We are we at one to notice is number three. He says facts. Are you love talking about fake fights feary. Aj fake fight tate former fake fight. Why wilder fate fight et cetera. If white ruis happens out. Pay your way to wilder fury three yo. The hate is strong with this one. A are you stretched about away from because you've you seem to be very similar to this work dude on instagram. That we follow each other so we got eight though cooler says good morning. This is one fight deal on fox or one deal on the wrong details have not been really a out yet. This is what we gotta pull up Who my good friends. Stretch believes as a paid shell of matchroom michael benson. I don't believe that. I believe benson obviously being from the uk has a little bit of favor. Maybe with the uk audience and You know specific people. But i don't think he's paid anything. Let's just show you what what benson is saying here because same thing. I'm saying like eddie. Monosso super stable back in training together today and everybody chaining together everybody. Everybody in september. This is crazy. I'm never seen a. This is a show in itself super stable super stable. Mock takes over september as what happens. Let me see come on benson. Where's the tweet here. We go sources from the side of al hayman. Excuse me al hayman's pbc have reportedly insisted they're willing to do a one fight deal with canal for the plant fighter undisputed 'bout according to espn deputies and this was because espn. I think it's about ever put it in spanish but even you know so it's out there whether it's going to be on fox or zone we don't know yet but i don't care see. We got people super chat and because they care you know and you want me to care. I'd rather be on the zone. So i ain't gotta pay eighty dollars in my man over here. He's like it'll never be. I rather pay eighty no understand that i was cool with paying eighty for the plant fi. If if our was able to do his thing. I love powerful business moves so if he if he was able to snatch up canelo. That shit is is news man. That's that's a fucking power move but if it's a one off fucking then put that should undesired let me pay my eight bucks already included. I'm already paid for the. I'm good so necks you so you know how you i'm still the fan. I just didn't appreciate him. Not taking three fights come on. We all want those three five yada ones i can. I didn't want them three days. You know we got fred robinson it. These cats don't know king call. Okay you question them on. These cats don't know king kong casuals for its best interest to fight white king. Call heard him as a fan. Ortiz is the best one. Dan let me see where my poll latte. 'cause it's still dealing away. Seventy percent refresh my pages in case. Something's wrong in their hurl. Now billion still ahead by seventy percent of the vote. Smith more people want andy to jump up winning with dylan blanco.

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