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Friday to find your bellefield gates daniel. What's with cornell. You thank goodness. It's friday how come long week. Yeah it because every friday. It's this kind of work. We're rundown two weekends here before we are like officially back on it's crazy like we literally have to sunday's less before eighteen th straight weeks a fantasy football now ten and eastern on. Espn two the usual crew with matt. This also holding down the fort on fantasy football now. We cannot wait for that today. We're going to go through some news. We have another starting quarterback named. We're double trouble finishing up the afc west. We'll talk about both the raiders and the justin herbert lead chargers. But we start in new orleans as adam schefter confirmed this morning announced reported this morning that the saints have named jameis winston their week. One starting quarterback this comes after a performance in which winston finished nine for ten for one hundred twenty three yards and two touchdowns on monday nights to on you. How would you describe your reaction when you saw this news. Initially from jeffey. I listen surprised. I think i think monday night was the time that we all sort of saw. This jameson said well. The decision is made our our monday night. Crew calling the game. We're talking about it. They certainly seem pretty emphatic. That james was going to get the job and he looked good. I thought i think marquette marquez callaway made him look better because he made to spectacular catches. You got really excited about the big plays. But i think he looked good idea. I think he did look good as well and so. I think this story has some news as it pertains to james fantasy value. Because i don't want to be entirely dismissive of the idea of jameis winston eventually becoming starting quarterback in fantasy. He's he is the fantasy. Here's the starting quarterback in. But i don't have them ranked inside my top twenty despite this news because the days of jameis winston throwing for five thousand yards are not guaranteed to be behind him. But you have to think about the circumstances in tampa leads. Five thousand yard seasons mike evans. Chris godwin oj. Our rates a good player. They've had adam humphreys. Was there at the time. Had a really good pass catchers there. It's a much different. Group of pass. Catchers in new orleans especially without michael thomas for some period of time and most importantly the defense in tampa has got great. It was not as great then as it is now and is not as good as i believe the saints defense is right now and i think part of what the saints have spent the last year and a half or so doing with james. Winston is working as much as you can possibly work on a player's ability to not turn the football over. Because sometimes mrs best friend was also as owner. Send me right like it was terrible. They was constantly putting himself or his team down fourteen points. It was great because he threw for five thousand yards and thirty touchdowns. Well i think a couple of things returning the ball over that match. It almost doesn't matter. How good your defenses. Because they're just exhausted by being on the field all the time and so i think they got worn down. That was a problem for him. I do think it's worth noting that he underwent the lasix surgery when he was in free agency period after Tampa bay and he was looking for teams to you know where he was going to end up. And i don't know if that's the thing but it was done to correct nearsightedness and astigmatism as someone who's nearsighted. I can definitely say if there were players on the field. I wouldn't be able to read their jersey numbers. I don't know how bad it was for him. Was it part of the problem. Maybe we'll see but consistency has never been jameson strength. And i think the sample size is still small so as the season unfolds. We'll find out if this is really somebody who's better decision maker. Maybe he seeing the field better and will the receivers support him in what he needs to do to get the ball down the field. I think let me get doing before. I finish this thought on the schedule. But then he got. I was gonna say do you with this. We still believe tastes. Some hills gonna have a package and roles within this offense. It seems to be consistent and part of the reporting from shefty. Is that like you expect that. Tatum hill now takes over the taste. Some hill role from previous years. Because as we are recording this podcast the saints have injuries to multiple tight ends. Adam trautmann and nick van net amongst them separate and apart from the fact that the saints love tesa hill and he's super effective even if it drives us crazy he does do some things that are unique and different and special on the field for them. So he's not gonna evaporate still quarterback in our game. But i think the big winner from this move of navy jameis. Winston starting quarterback are the past catchers in new orleans. It depends on your level of interest in those players. But when michael thomas eventually returns i know that he had in four games last year. A good sample size. I mean it was really strong. I think he had twenty three catches in the four games. The tastes mills starter. Last year the ceiling is just higher with james says your quarterback as a receiver it simply is and while marcus. Galloway is flash. Well i've said a couple of times like it's just hardest jam too far up your your wide receiver because there are so many of them. But if someone's taking to pick on marcus. Calloway now or has already used a traffic marquess callaway. They feel better about this than they would have if jameis winston was the starter. I will say that. Like we talked about yesterday with denver. While jay mrs grasp on the starting job is definitely firmer than i believe. Teddy bridgewater is is and maybe eventually ended elton's or jimmy garoppolo or cam. Newton's grasp will be like still wants done me at some point..

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