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So here's the thing about those channels you do have to pay to watch that kind of film it it's kind of a pay per view type deal unless you subscribe to the channel well i thought that i already did so you're telling me if i wanna see some guys naked i gotta pay yeah well that's that's sort of how it works well that's a few guys charge extra everything has to god well you know there are there are program on your other movies that feature adult onset like cinemax or showtime you can watch those absolutely free in fact i'm pretty sure fifty shades of grey the movie fifty shades of grey is on hbo i watched that movie was rip off you never even got to see his i want do you understand yeah yeah yeah i get the picture don't any of these dad movies feature people my age doing it yeah yeah i don't know i don't know those kind of movies are on tv so you're telling me out of all these movies not one of them has old people doing it i mean i'm i'm just not i'm not really sure well let me read some of the titles here you tell me if any of these have old people let's see here's one called but invaders his another one called sorority girl bang bash there's another one i saw the other day let me see if i can find it on here yeah i don't think any of those i don't know anything i mean i don't even know these movies i'm pretty sure i couldn't tell you what's in any of these movies but but like i said if you really want to watch that stuff you have the option of doing pay per view or you can subscribe to that particular network i just i don't know what else to tell you i don't think with all the money i'm already spending that i should have to pay extra justice see some guys junk i'm just gonna try a different channel i think i saw there was some movie called anaconda coming on.

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