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Presented by Amazon. Hey, good morning, playbook or some ragu monovalent, it's Friday. Here's a question you don't ask every day. What's Donald Trump so quiet? It's your Politico playbook daily briefing. Overturning roe V wade would be the culmination of the former president's bid to remake the judiciary, the very reason that many social conservatives held their noses and voted for him in 2016. But Trump Politico colleagues Meredith McGraw and Jonathan Lemire report, quote, never one to shy away from taking credit for accomplishments, real or imagined, has yet to crow about the majority draft opinion. He's addressed it only when asked in interviews. To wit in an interview at Mar-a-Lago Wednesday night, Trump told McGraw, he was waiting to see, quote, finality in the case. Quote, nobody knows exactly what it represents. If that's going to be it. But for current and former advisers insist that the former president will aggressively claim ownership of a Supreme Court decision ending rope once a ruling is formally issued. It's all but certain that any decision overturning rope would remake the terrain of the midterm elections. Indeed, it already has if you could examples this morning. So in state Democrats are using it as a cudgel, Nevada senator Catherine Cortez masto, is a bellwether for how vulnerable Democrats hope to use the issue to motivate voters. Wright's politicos Burgess Everett, quote, the first term Democrat is facing a difficult reelection campaign in a state that voted overwhelmingly in 1990 to codify row. The only one of this false top tier Senate battleground states to do so. The first female senator ever elected in Nevada is now betting that the same coalition behind that 32 year old move, it's intact and motivated to turn out. Cortes masto said in an interview this week, quote I have a record in support of a woman's right to choose, in my opponent, Adam laxalt opposes it and will take it away. Republicans in heated primaries are using it too, as a way to challenge their opponents conservative bona fides. Witness Georgia. My king from The New York Times reports from Atlanta that on Thursday, David perdue pressed governor Brian Kemp to quote, promised to call a special session of the legislature to ban abortion outright. If the court eliminates federal protections for portion rates and leads it to states to set their own laws. Here's what's up in Washington today starting with The White House at 1110 a.m. eastern. President Joe Biden will depart The White House en route to Hebron, Kentucky, rescheduled to arrive at 1 p.m.. At 3 p.m. Biden will meet with manufacturing leaders at United performance medals in Hamilton, Ohio, where he'll deliver marks in three 45. At 5 30, Biden will depart Kentucky to head to Newcastle Delaware, where he scheduled to arrive at 6 55. Press secretary Jen Psaki will gaggle aboard Air Force One on the way to Kentucky. The Senate and the House are out today. All right. For more news on what's breaking in D.C. right now, subscribe to the playbook newsletter. That's at Politico dot com slash playbook. Our music is composed by the mysterious breakmaster cylinder. Playbook editors Mike zapper, Zach Stanton as playbook deputy editor. The executive producer and head of audio here at Politico is Jenny Ahmed. I'm ragu naval and have a good weekend. We'll see you first thing. Monday morning..

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