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The same it who were the people we should discuss from the wedding that we don't really get much time to typically well the one that has been coming up again and again that that i only recently got to google and got kind of like obsessed with is her quote unquote maid of honor shouldn't have a maid of honor but they were calling this woman her maid of honor she is a canadian socialite she's a canadian socialites actually a good word she married the son of a former prime minister which is like primo socially can't for canada her name is jessica mulroney they call her a stylist on she does style stuff she like owns a shoe company's yourself at least she was born jessica brownstein a great last name like i like seems like she might be jewish know just a guess she her father owned montreal's browns shoes this is like pure canadian like laura here born on more on the canadian side of agra falls has a penthouse tower you know like right what and so she married she married ben mulroney who's a tv host and he's a son of a former prime minister named brian mulroney apparently will rone's like a kind of a list name in canada because of the it's like obama or whatever okay okay right but he went on to be kind of the billy bush of canada which is i didn't just say that i confirmed it with the canadian friend because my texan my canadian friend and she was kind of like yeah they they are pretty known i mean you know they're a little she's like who we he has them last name so i was like oh it's a billy bush situation okay we'll like preoctober twenty sixteen billy bush we hope right but now.

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