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They found a way into the playoffs for the second time in three seasons. You go through that stretcher, we went through. It's not easy, but we stuck together Mad Maggie this morning Bears taking on the second seeded Saints on Sunday. 3 40 kickoff in New Orleans star running back Calvin Ca Mera testing positive for covert 19 on Thursday. There's a chance he won't be able to play. Jonathan Taste is out indefinitely with an unspecified illness. Kirby Doc might miss the entire season. Defenseman Brooke Brent Seabrook and forward prospect PS Sue US Sudha were absent in the Blackhawks first on ice practice of training camp today, both listed as unfit to participate. One guy's sticking around is Dylan strongly forward thinking a two year extension with the team, The 23 year old says. See no Summer County, the Blackhawks out after three mostly disappointing seasons. And with injuries piling up something that I will see everyone reads and everyone's been saying so you can look at the rankings or whatever, and it's just something that we got. We got to embrace and a lot of people are doubting us. It's gonna be a fun process, the see where we're at, and hopefully we can show him where we're still good hockey team and a lot of people got a lot of stuff to prove. So it's gonna be an interesting year but is gonna be funny. Blackhawks begin a week from Wednesday against the Lightning College Hoops tonight. Indiana hosting Maryland Women's basketball number 20 DePaul Beating Villanova today 94 82 Improved a six and three and three and one of the Big East and the NC double announcing that March madness when we played entirely in Indiana, and ah, few different sites, mostly around in Indianapolis, there are talks. The women's tournament will be centrally located in San Antonio. But nothing official yet I'm Kevin Powell, WGN sports and.

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