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They're saying is guys, this is shooting little more. It'll break it'll break. You know, we can do that. Coaches. They're saying the same thing. I tend to agree with him. But if you're not allowed to play And it sure doesn't seem like being allowed to play. Both teams are having this Like even the first penalty by citizens I didn't think was a penalty. Fabbro infraction was a penalty began that goes in the head with a stick, but the rest of them come on. Unbelievable. I was thinking any Bannon please play for the fill up your fires, Chief and I were talking about it. He wouldn't have been able to play. I mean, he used to chop trees down with this ticket might put that arm on and he just smashed it. Lightning will have a minute 22 of power play time. Start the second. I don't know whether it's all the time beginning a year they call these Nikki next game, and as the year progresses, they let it go At every game, though. Phil's not every game. You're right. It isn't Richardson and point at center ice. Okay. Second period underway and the draw one by Nashville Ellis, killing time in his own blue line, flips it down the ice and on Vasa. Lasky put it to the far corner refugees right. Two Grand Lin, who gets to the left circle. Slighted by the Lightning net Hedman their outlets to breaking point..

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