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Is it the fight. I guess they're awesome awesome fighters so the looking forward to see how that plays out then yeah. Do you believe that the person who wins the title that that will be the person that you you eventually fight for the belt. I think so yeah so you are going to be very interested watching that one yeah for sure. That's what it's about for me. It's all all about that the big title that goal that's <hes> that's migraine out the that's where i keep my eyes you know do you do you believe that you can make aac a big statement here because we see it so often darren taylor and liverpool at conor mcgregor in orland. You know just when you have. I know it's not exactly home. It's not it's not norway or sweden eden but you know they use all support each other over there. That's something outisde like. Do you feel as though if you put on her spectacular performance like you have been against is a kind of near and they see what you mean to the people over there that will that will be a big moment for your career. Do you believe this could be one of the bigger moments of your career believe so and <hes> i feel like the performance in itself is gonna be very important to what what happens next. You know it's it's gonna be really dominant. That's really goes viral. That's what you prefer him that would lead to debate the thing so that's what i'm going for well well. I can't wait to see at u._m. Have you just wondering did you you win. Did you notice that there's a tour card on in europe that weekend as well. There's one going down in dublin. I mean some people over here talking about whitcombe bela tor kind of win win over some of the support that weekend. It's got some that are bigger names m._v._p. And james gallon still do you feel as though the brand is strong enough to compete with u._f._c. at this stage yes. I'm not sure about the numbers in the last live eventing the that that they had here in europe so i think that will it'll be a pretty good too yeah indicator to measure but the then again the u._c._l._a. wasn't in the same time s. belt last time so i believe so by by no. I don't think that's going to be a problem. I think they're the mayor majority of the tickets. Are people going to change the blam. Yes yes i agree agree and great to see some of the scandinavian voyeurs on the caridad include nicholas dalby making his return on the air and perhaps before nikoloz you know he is i. He really is a great fighter so he it. This is great. Well jack. Thank you so much for talking to us again. It's always a pleasure and i am aware that the last time we had a conversation about will you take this void. If this wins that was when you david branch and then just a couple of weeks later you went on a lhasa so i think it's a good omen to bring into did a fight card anyway. I wish you all the best my friend thank you so much for having me. Thanks jack all the best boy by hey. I'm jason doray and i'm hosting a new podcast called land of the giants in it. We examined the most powerful tech companies of our time. Season one's called the rise amazon about how jeff bezos turn what was just an online bookseller into one of the biggest companies in the world and how it transformed form the way we shop live and work will explore how amazon prime is the key to the company's success and how it's something you'll never quit. We'll see see what happens when amazon builds a warehouse in a small kansas town and then also what happens when it decides to leave and we'll ask why is amazon building microwaves powered by alexa and what is with all the robots built and of course we'll tackle the biggest question of our time is he's amazon too big too powerful who ended the giants from recode and the vox media podcast network new episodes come out every tuesday. Listen and subscribe for free on apple podcasts or in your favorite podcasts at.

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