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Andy nocco also hear from w. g. b. h. boston. Hello andrew. hello hello so here. We are gathered together with absolutely nothing to talk about. But that's okay. Those are the best again that means. We don't have to restrain ourselves. And like if if if if there was a hollywood movie. That is mu that is filming literally across the street from one of us and they're kind of throwing their weight around and you're kind of annoyed even though you like two of the stars that are in it. We could talk about that as well going on in your neighborhood that we were going to tell us. Yeah all all. I'm saying is that like i've said before i live in a three hundred year. Old new england like coastal community. That's not that we're going well again. That is that is so damn quaint. That if the if the if the establishing shot of this community were in like the first act of a movie. You know that the subtext would be. There is something desperately wrong underneath acquaint of this dark dark. Miss stephen king's more girls moving. Okay so far so good. It's already almost two in quaint. But now what did they do this. They start their starting filming tomorrow today and yesterday. What do they do in the park right across the street. They needed a damn gazebo their gazebo. Well every zibo so who is in this who is in this movie that Burton has to be timber kevin bacon. It's being directed by cure sedgwick. You know you know you have to meet him. Because because then you enter the bacon. Six degrees of kevin bacon. You you mean. Kevin bacon coming no more than three steps from everyone one node. Yeah you'll one node so here. It is essential because his wife. So it's a it's a husband wife team yup. I wonder if it's draft. There is a show tv show that he's in his takes place in boston. I wonder if it's a party or but you know it it it is. It is a movie we also. I also found out that I i guess the tax advantages in this state are really really good because there's a sequel to To hocus pocus and part of it is going to be filming. Maybe ten miles away from me. The cursor living in a quaint town acquaint desperate for hollywood money. Hey that owns things that because he bows in the dumpster after this filming. I'm taking it in them navigate from my living room. I think every ten should have a gazebo park. I mean come on where you gonna have. The the fourth of july attributes we try we. Do you attract barbershop quartets. And then will sweet add a line. So you've heard that movie theaters have been closing People are wondering what are we gonna do with all these movie theaters of the most significant one i think is the old Grummin chinese theatre which There's also the cinerama dome in l. a. but here is a beautiful theater the in los angeles the towers theater look at this. That is being turned into has been turned into an apple store right next to the reality. Oh look at that. I could good on you apple. They preserve the the marquee sign They have Been apple's done this in a couple of places there's I in Coventry gardens is a pretty gorgeous one in in london. As well as there's the one in downtown. Paris is quite look at this. Look at this. This is the this is the actual movie theater. and it's the lobby preserve the balcony put in parquet floors. I mean this is craig. this is just. It's it's they're twenty six store in la so it's But i just think they've done a lovely job so you know i'm glad to apple. Somebody's preserving hollywood's history. The tower is that money for good. Yeah yeah that's why it was kind of disappointing that so google open their. I like apple rip store like the first real one not a pop up and all they did was they just sort of like renovated space that was vacated by starbucks in the transportation building that is like already google headquarters. So i'm not saying there. They're under an obligation. But this is opportunity to rescue and rehab a building. That hundred years old has lots of beauty lots of natural significance. You would think that i. It's it's good. Pr you're you're creating. Whoa great things about what apple is doing and what google could have done is that we're losing all these gorgeous. Uh a public spaces review if you go back to especially in new england. You'll see like a post office. That was built a hundred years ago and you can tell that the the thinking was well. Look this is going to be like the center of town activity. It should be a little bit. It should be a beautiful place to be the library. Boston public library which we've talked about so much. It should be like a cathedral for people to come and visit and now like the post offices are just even. The big ones are just like where you go to. Desperately beg a commissar for any information about your dissident uncle who disappeared last week. It's not a fun interesting place to be so. I love apple preserving these spaces where they're not nudging people out if you just want to sit in charge your phone sitting use the wifi for an hour to sit and take a class they don't check your receipts but it's a beautiful place to be. It's also there's a. There's a resonance because of course This this is one of the first theaters. I think we first talking. Pictures were shown It's it it you know. That was the art. Form the the primary art from the twenty th century and And it's it's suffering a little bit least theaters suffering a little bit in the twenty first century. So it's kind of appropriate that apple Would would take this over yet. Says the tower theater was the first theater in los angeles wired for films with sound just They've really done a stunning job. Actually i think looks better than say day to be To be honest with you We have we have technological advantages now. They restored glass. They restored all of the row. Cocoa plaster touches they. They put new crystals on the chandeliers This is you know. Here's here's what it's it's. I'm sure it's a money loser for apple. Although who knows they make more money per square foot than anybody but tiffany on their stores. But i would imagine it now. It's a destination isn't it on. It's also really good location for apple being that it is only about a block from pershing square. Which is a lot of good restaurants hotels right there. as well as Only probably it's it's an easy walk to the key the convention center so l..

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